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How Much Are We Spending on Baby Showers? A Whole Freakin’ Lot!

Baby shower? Or a week-long holiday in Thailand? 

While you can find me sipping cocktails on a beach in Phuket, many Aussies prefer to spend their extra funds on a baby shower, forking out some serious moolah to ensure a perfectly planned day.

According to the latest research, expectant Aussie  mums are spending around $672 on their baby showers. And this isn’t even on gifts! Rather, the funds are going towards things like invites, catering, venue hire, flowers, decorations and, of course, the elaborate baby shower cake.

Baby Shower Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Expensive

$700? For a party! Compared to some of the celebrity mamma’s baby showers that we’ve heard about, this might seem reasonable. And necessary. After all, it’s not every day we prepare to bring a baby into the world.

But do you know what else you can get for around $700? Here’s a few things:

  • A seven day round trip to Thailand, including accomodation
  • A seven night cruise around the Great Barrier Reef
  • An entire IKEA nursery complete with cot, change table, dresser and decor
  • 38 BONDS Wondersuits
  • Two (and a half) GIANT plush bears from Costco
  • 70 x 1kg jars of Nutella
  • 14 Kmart Beach Trolleys (which you can then sell for more on Gumtree)
  • 43 bottles of Squealing Pig Sauv Blanc
  • 350 Apple Pie McFlurries from Maccas (to crush those pregnancy cravings)
  • 1500 Chuppa Chups

Or… a two hour high tea baby shower.

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Why the Sky High Baby Shower Costs?

According to Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at, expecting parents have shifted the whole baby shower focus. Rather than being ‘showered’ with gifts, they are showering guests with a lavish good time.

“A cake in the backyard with your girlfriends just doesn’t seem to cut it these days with many wanting a lavish affair – the more elaborate the better,” she says.

Collectively, Aussie mums are splashing out $107 million per year with 27% of mums paying for their showers themselves. New South Wales mamas-to-be spend the most – $795 on average. South Australian mums are the second-biggest splurgers, paying $761.

“The point of a baby shower typically is to help accumulate items for the baby in the form of gifts – to help bring down the cost of a new baby for a family – that goes out the window if you are forking out hundreds on the party itself,” Bessie says.

Tips for a Budget Baby Shower

Of course, there are plenty of ways to cut down on baby shower costs without skipping the tradition altogether. Here are five easy ways to save:

  • Host the event at home, at someone else’s house or at a park
  • Ask everyone to bring a plate
  • Make the decorations yourself
  • Send e-vites rather than elaborate printed stationery invitations
  • Get a friend to take photos rather than hiring a photographer for the day

If you are planning on hosting or attending a baby shower in the not-too-distant-future, make sure you check out our Gorgeous Collection of Baby Shower Gift Ideas. 

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