Fun News! Your Kids Can Call Santa for Free from all Telstra Payphones

Updated 6 December 2022

Payphones. They still lurk on street corners, confusing our kids. Is that a time machine, mum? A dressing room for superheroes? A mineshaft?

No, kids, it’s even better – see that relic over there? That’s a payphone. That’s your gateway to talking to Santa!

Call Santa for free!

That’s right – from today, kids can head to any Telstra payphone, dial #HoHoHo (#464646).

Kids will be put in direct contact with Santa’s workshop and can press 1 to speak to Santa, 2 for Mrs Claus and 3 for an Elf.

call santa from Telstra Payphones
Source: Telstra

It’s all part of a festive new incentive from Telstra to showcase the importance of being connected this Christmas and amping up the Christmas spirit in the process.

Santa will be taking control of the phones from 6 December to Christmas Eve and is looking forward to hearing from as many kids as possible. So the next time you walk past a payphone, let the kids stop and have a chat with Santa. But make sure you pull out the disinfectant and give the phone a wipe before dialing – safety and health first!

call santa for free from payphones
Source: Telstra

Oh, and what’s even cooler? Telstra will donate $1 per call to Santa to the Salvation Army, to help Australians stay connected and sheltered this Christmas.

And remember, Telstra payphones are FREE for all calls within Australia. This is a great chance for children to learn how to locate and use a payphone – something all kids should know in case they are ever without a phone and need to call a parent or caregiver.

Locate your closest payphone by visiting

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