Cartoon Cakes – 13 Mind-Blowing Cakes and How to Make One!

Cartoon cakes (or comic cakes) is a term used for cakes that are decorated in such a cool cartoon-like way, that they look  2D and as though they’ve jumped straight from a cartoon clip. The clever use of thin black fondant strips outlines parts of the cake, giving it an epic new look!

Wait, what is this cartoon cake you speak of?

Cartoon cakes are the ultimate showstoppers that continue to dazzle party-goers everywhere! With their whimsical, comic-like appearance, it’s hard to believe that these eye-catching treats are even real cakes. Don’t just take our word for it – come and see these fantastic creations for yourself!

What’s more, you’ll also discover just how simple it is to adorn your own cartoon cake masterpieces. Let’s dive into the world of cartoon cakes and unleash the inner cake decorator in you!

cartoon cakes
Black fondant outlines each shape on the cake, giving it a pop-art, cartoon look. So cool! Source: Instagram

Cartoon cakes make for a fun cake

I really love this cartoon cake concept for tweens, teens and adults who want a fun cake but aren’t quite sure what that is. It’s cool and a little bit cute without being too much or embarrassing – so you’re not going to get any glaring from your teen when you pull this out in front of a crowd of mates.

cartoon cakes
Rainbow cake but make it AWESOME. Source: Instagram

What is fondant?

Unfamiliar with fondant? Fear not, you’re in good company! Fondant is often referred to as ‘plastic icing’ due to its smooth, plastic-like appearance when used to cover cakes. Let’s be honest here – mastering fondant does demand a bit of practice. However, with some dedication and patience, you’ll be on your way to achieving that flawless finish in no time.

You can buy Queen Fine Foods Ready to Roll Fondant at the supermarket and it’s easy to colour. Just cut a piece of fondant from the block, and knead in the drop of colour until it’s even. DO remember to use a pair of gloves and a good quality food dye such as Colour Mill or you’ll end up with stained hands and a sticky mess.

Basic cake-decorating tools required

You’ll need a few basic tools for decorating a cartoon cake. A fondant rolling pin and silicone mat are helpful, also a smoothing tool is super handy to have for a flat, bump-free finish. To make the black fondant outlines, you could cut thin slices of black fondant or use a fondant extruder. Easy.

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Feeling inspired? Watch below how cake artist extraordinaire, Tigga Maccormack, decorated cartoon cake style.

@tigga_mac THE END RESULT EXCEEDED MY OWN EXPECTATIONS. 🤩 #tiggamac #okiedokie #cakevideo #comiccake #cartooncake #caketrends #cakedecorator #caketutorial ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

Amazing cartoon cake inspiration awaits

Be it a single slice of cake or an entire cake, these cartoon cakes look brilliant!

Make your cartoon cake pop!

Does looking at these cartoon cakes bend your brain a little? It’s amazing how much that dark fondant outline changes the look of the cake!

cartoon cake by Tigga Mac
Ahhhhhmazing Tigga! Source: Instagram

Cartoon fruit is a thing!

Use fondant to create cherries and berries to sit on top of your cake, cartoon style.

cartoon fruit on a cartoon cake
Cartoon cherries or strawberries, what’s your pick? Source: Instagram

Two tiers … or just a slice?

Need more cake? Add a slice to the top and call it an extra tier. Need less cake – a cake slice shape is a perfect amount of cake for just a few.

two tier cartoon cake
Don’t forget to cartoon highlight your sprinkles! Source: Instagram

Have fun with pops of colour!

If bubblegum were a set of colours, this would have to be it. Blue, pink, yellow and white – PARTY PERFECTION.

cartoon cakes - so whimsical
So much fun and perfect for anyone who wants a fun cake. Source: Instagram

Doughnuts and Christmas cartoon cakes, oh my!

Get adventurous with how you decorate your cakes – doughnuts are so much fun, as are candy canes and Christmas trees. Who said cartoon cakes are just for birthdays?!

comic cakes for the birthday win
A cartoon Christmas coming up! Source: Instagram

Try it with different shapes too!

Put the novelty into novelty cakes – a wedge of cheese is more clever than cheesy and why not try a super cute watermelon cake? It’s just the ticket for any Harry Styles fans out there. Watermelon sugar high…..

cartoon cakes in shape of cheese and watermelon
Not cheesy at all – cheese and watermelon, cartoon-ified!  Source: Instagram

Amazing right? Have you tried your hand at this epic cartoon cake trend yet? We’d love to know if you have, or if you plan to give it a go!

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