Australia’s Favourite Children’s Birthday Cake Book Turned 40 – Show Us Your Cake!

It’s the unsung hero of children’s birthday party prep and a culinary bible of sorts. The iconic Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book celebrates its 40th year this year so we asked our Mum Central mums to show us the cakes made from this iconic book and boy, did they deliver!

Nothing said birthday quite like presenting your mum with your choice of cakes from the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. And expecting her to pull it off effortlessly. #memories #nopressure

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, a brand new Limited Edition version has hit the shelves this month – so grab a copy and continue serving up these delicious birthday celebrations!

Childrens Birthday Cake Book
Before and after. Grab your limited-edition copy of the iconic cookbook TODAY!

You can find the AWW Children’s Birthday Cake Book 40th Anniversary Edition at Big W, priced $12!

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We always knew we had amazing mums in our Mum Central community but we didn’t know that many were all talented closet cake decorators. Come check out some of the amazing cakes they’ve created, we’re as blown away as a set of birthday candles. Prepare for an epic cake show below!

Ships, trains and clever hacks, oh my!

No one knows pain quite like the mother of a child who requested the train or ship. These cake builds required an engineering degree and a bravery award.

birthday cake
Toot! Toot! Source: Facebook/Kate Franz
birthday cake
Lamingtons – a GENIUS hack. Source: Facebook/Margaret Nicholson
Children's Birthday Cake Book
Walk the plank me hearties! Source: Facebook/Micaela Nealon, Jane Hulbert

Woah Dolly!

The Dolly Varden cake was a firm favourite of my own as a child and I love to see it still making the party circuit these days. Look at these skirts!

birthday cake
The prettiest ombre Dolly you ever did see. Source: Facebook/Janna Batson
Children's Birthday Cake Book
Sparkly icing swirls for days! Source: Facebook/Marissa Savaglio
mum central
Seeing double, it’s a cake for twins! Source: Facebook/Rebecca Byrne

The ‘I’ll Have One Of Everything’ Lolly Sampler Box

Because on your birthday, less isn’t always more. Bring ALL OF THE SUGAR PLZ. And make it pretty.

birthday cake
Ermagosh, SHERBET MARSHMALLOW CONES! Source: Facebook/Lee Biderovsky
Children's Birthday Cake Book
Perfect sugar-coated symmetry! Source: Facebook/Margaret Nicholson

Safari Time!

The most odd-bunch safari you might ever see, but a menagerie all the same. Animal lovers, rejoice!

mum central
Source: Never throw out the pudding tin guys! Facebook/Samantha Connolly, Samantha Golledge
Children's Birthday Cake Book
Look at this mint leaf-munching cutie patootie! Source: Facebook/Amy Dolstra
birthday cake
Is that you Simba? Source: Facebook/Lisa Hoban
Children's Birthday Cake Book
Perfection! Source: Facebook/Jerita Passmore
birthday cake
Hop on into some birthday fun! Source: Facebook/Flic King

Carousels, castles and… Olaf is that you?

Children's Birthday Cake Book
Perfect for birthdays and naming days, the gorgeous carousel cake! Source: Facebook/Sheena Hobson
mum central
Not letting it go…… Frozen Fever! Source: Facebook/Ashlee York

Even More Unforgettable Classic Cakes!

Children's Birthday Cake Book
Who wouldn’t love these magnificent creations! Source: Facebook/Melissa Rawlings, Alison Kerr
Children's Birthday Cake Book
The old ice cream hose strikes again. AND bullet brows on fleek! Source: Facebook/Kristy Smith, Flic King
Children's Birthday Cake Book
All the green icing and all of the Smarties, thanks. YUM. Source: Facebook/Lucy Sullivan, Alison Kerr

And there you have it, 24 of YOUR amazingly brilliant cakes, bravo mamas, such amazing outcomes!

So tell us, given the choice, what cake is next on your child’s birthday party wish list and how confident are you to make it?

Don’t forget the new LIMITED EDITION copy of The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book is hitting the stands this month, so grab yours today!

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    I have this book and have had it since it came out. I have made many of these cakes for my childrens birthdays and also to take to school to share on their birthdays. Now I have grandchildren Have had for 22 years) I have made them birthday cakes as well. I am about to make an Aussie Rules football cake for my youngest grandson’s 8th birthday. I may need to tweek it a little to modernise it.

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