15 Vasectomy Cakes: Go Nuts Celebrating a Vasectomy with Cake!

Show your man how much you care with cake! Proving that you can literally celebrate ANYTHING with cake, here are 15 hilarious vasectomy cakes to celebrate your man taking one for the team and getting the snip.

A bun in the oven? Let’s try a cake…

A vasectomy is par of the course for many families when they are done with expanding their tribe. Alas, it can often take some convincing and sweet talking to convince your partner to go ahead with the procedure. I mean, compare that tiny snip in his nether-regions in relation to women shooting a watermelon-sized baby through the eye of a needle vaginal opening or major abdominal surgery, is a walk in the park, right? Pffffft. Anyway, I digress…

And what better way is there to celebrate that momentous day of taking a tiny hit for the family team, coming home from the hospital clutching a bag of peas to his crotch, than presenting your beau with cake? Or go balls deep in celebrations with this classic “balls voyage” party. Farewell, so long….


15 vasectomy cakes you’ll go nuts over

When the only thing you want in the oven is cake, here’s all the inspiration you need thanks to Instagram’s #vasectomycake trend…

1. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy

CUTE. 100% juice, no seeds. Happy vasectomy day!

vastectomy cake
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Source: Instagram / @bittersweetwaxahachie

2. Snip, snip, hooray!

Could there be a prettier vasectomy cake? Say it with sperm and sprinkles!

vastectomy cake
Sperm and sprinkles, it’s all you need. Source: Instagram / @amandapiver

3. No swimming!

No lifeguards are required, this is now a NO SWIMMING zone.

vastectomy cake
NO SWIMMING ZONE. Source: Instagram / @believecakes

4. Happy retirement!

Putting on eyes on your sperm decorations really does make them look adorable. Naw, happy retirement fellas!

vastectomy cake
Olympic dreams, dashed! Source: Instagram /

5. Rhyme it and mean it

A poem is always appreciated, even on your vasectomy day!

vastectomy cake
Roses are red… Source: Instagram / @cakedarlingthx

6. Snipped but still equipped

For when you’re still shooting your shot post-vasectomy – blanks and all.

vastectomy cake
Hold on to your holster. Source: Instagram / @blueeyepie

7. Two times baby maker champion

Sometimes you’ve just got to call it. Two times baby maker champion and DONE.

vastectomy cake
Perfection achieved twice, right on target! Source: Instagram / @laciestasties

8. The sweetest kind of sorry…

Yep, sorry. #notsorry

vasectomy cake
We really are sorry. Source: Instagram / @azucar_bylily

9. You’re still my stud

‘Even if you’re shooting duds, you’re still my stud’. Babe, relax, you’ve still got it.

vasectomy cake
Manhood is still intact, kind of. Source: Instagram / @mbcakery

10. Stitches in your britches

Just for the record, you CAN get a no-scalpel vasectomy which will mean NO stitches. But still, you have to wear britches.

mum central
Don’t snitch about stitches! Source: Instagram / @getcakedroc

11. Cookie cakes count too

If you don’t like cake of the spongey, crumbly kind, you can’t balls up a cookie cake. Just press that cookie dough into a heart-shaped tin, perfect!

vasectomy cake
Relieve the pain with chocolate chips, trust us. Source: Instagram / @bella_creations1

12. Balls up cakes

Some prefer a more graphic approach to their vasectomy cake offerings. I suggest serving this one AFTER he comes home and most definitely not before. You don’t want the horse to bolt, so to speak.

vasectomy cake
Amazing fondant work. Five stars for creativity! Source: Instagram / @dolcevitacreations

13. Oh bay? NO BABY!

Keep it simple with a hacked cake topper and a handful of plastic babies.

vasectomy cake
Oh, baby! DEFINITELY NOT. Source: Instagram / @kay.andcompany

14. Vasectomy cupcakes!

When you just need a handful of cake, cupcakes are the way to go. It’s vasectomy cake, BITE-SIZED.

vasectomy cake
Sometimes a handful of vasectomy day goodness is all you need. Source: Instagram / @simonekw

15. Vasectomy cookies, oh my!

It was vasectomy cakes, then cupcakes and now cookies! THE BEST! Pop a couple of these in his work bag to really put a smile on his dial.

vasectomy cake
Recreational use only. PERFECT. Source: Instagram / @sweettothesoulcookies

And if you can’t bake for peanuts, cake hack your way to vasectomy cake success! Some careful stacking of cakes, a bucket of icing and some rolled fondant to cut some letters or sperm shaped friends from is perfect.

There you have it folks, 15 awesome sweet vasectomy cakes and treats to celebrate the snip! Tell us, did you mark your partner’s vasectomy day with something special? We’d love to hear it, drop your comment below!

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