Just a List of Some of the Adorable and Bizarre Celeb Baby Names This Year (So Far!)

Celebrities love to think outside the baby naming box and good on them. They don’t need to answer to anyone, and if they want to name their kid something completely weird, then it’s totally up to them.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to make a list of some of these celeb baby names and share them. So, let’s delve into some of the cutest as well as oddest, celebrity baby names this year, so far. We’ve added a few from last year too, just for fun.

Let the games begin!

15 Interesting Celeb Baby Names 

1. Tau Techo Mechanicus

This is the name of Elon Musk’s and Grimes’ third baby together. The on-off pair are also parents to  X AE A-XII  and Exa Dark Sideræl. Apparently, ‘Tau’ was inspired by the “Greek letter representing the irrational number that is equal to two times pi.” Musk explains that the “approximate numerical value” – which is 6.28 – is also a nod to Musk’s own birthday – the 28th of June.

2. Halo

A very angelic name, Halo is the moniker chosen by Halle Bailey and DDG for their first child, a little boy.

Halo - celeb baby news
Source: Instagram

3. Elio Ocean 

Bonnie Wright who played Harry Potter’s Ginny Weasley, welcomed her first child, Elio Ocean last year with husband Andrew Lococo. Elio is a bright choice which means “the sun”.

FUN FACT: Harry himself (Daniel Radcliffe) also welcomed a child last year but he’s being super sneaky and hasn’t revealed the name.

4. London and Phoenix

Two place names for Paris Hilton and Carter Reum. The couple welcomed two babies in the past year – first baby boy Phoenix and then baby girl London, sticking to the place name theme.

Celeb baby news - Paris Hilton
Source: Instagram

5. Riot Rose 

The baddest badass baby name in the history of ever, Rihanna and Rocky A$AP delivered a mood when they shared their daughter’s name. Riot is their second child – they also have a baby boy named RZA (Rizza).

6. Shepherd Lawrence

Josh Duhamel is the newest celeb to become a dad (again), welcoming his son, Shepherd Lawrence with his wife Audra Mai. Josh also shares a son – Axl – with his ex-wife, Fergie.

7. Amora Princess

Ciara and Russel Wilson welcomed a daughter, Amora Princess, in December 2023. The baby girl joins siblings, Sienna, Win and Future Zahir.

8. Adira River

Meaning “strong,” Adira is an excellent choice for Serena Williams’ second baby girl. Adira’s big sister is Olympia. Two very strong girls’ names indeed!

Celeb baby news - Serena Williams
Source: Instagram

9. Rocky Thirteen

In true Kardashian fashion, Kourtney and her husband Travis Barker decided to pair a sort-of normal name with Thirteen to make it sound like another sequel no one asked for.

10. Oldie 

Kellie Giddish, from Law & Order, decided to go really left of centre with this name for her third child. Baby Oldie. I guess it’s an Oldie, but Goody?

11. Novie Nell

Youtubers Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes shared the news of their baby’s birth in December – a daughter named Novie Nell.

12. Luai

Lindsay Lohan became a cool mum last year, welcoming her son, Luai, with husband, Bade Shammas. His name is Arabic, meaning “shield or protector”.

13. Honey Raye 

You may recall the show The Hills, where we first met Brody Jenner. He and his fiance Tia Blanco welcomed a daughter named Honey Raye. So sweet!

14. Kaius Green 

Baseball legend Derek Jeter and his wife, Hannah, welcomed their fourth baby, a boy. The pair already have three daughters, River Rose, Story Grey and Bella Raine.

15. Spider Webb

At first glance, this name seems about as bizarre as they come. But the name comes with significant meaning. Spider is the son of Kelly Kay, the girlfriend of late football star Spencer Webb. Spencer died in a rock-sliding accident two months before Kay announced her pregnancy. Spider is Spencer’s nickname which is why Kelly went with this.

There were plenty of other celebrity babies born in 2023/2024 including Ash Barty’s son, and many more to come including Hilary Duff’s fourth baby. Stay tuned for more celeb baby names to come!

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