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Rumer Willis Shares Emotional Birth Photos

Rumer Willis is one of the newest celebrities to become a mum. She gave birth to a daughter, Louetta Isley Thomas Willis on 18 April 2023. Rumer gave birth at home surrounded by her support crew including her mum, Demi Moore and her partner, Derek Richard Thomas.

Rumer has been very open about her pregnancy journey and recently shared a glimpse of her home birth with Louetta. Check out the powerful pictures below.

Rumer Willis home birth
Rumer welcomed her little girl in a home birth. Source: Instagram

In addition to sharing the photos, Rumer also wrote some lovely words to both her mother and her new daughter.

‘I feel like I have always known you’ 

To her daughter, Rumer wrote,

I have waited and dreamed of you my whole life. You are more than I could have ever imagined. You have changed my life in the most profound way. It is the privilege and honor of my life to be your Mother and I will do everything and anything for you always. I hope you never stop wanting to sleep next to me or take baths with me.” 

Rumer Willis baby
Newborn baby bliss. Source: Instagram

I can’t wait to see who you are, although I feel like I have known you my whole life. One of the first things I said after you were born was, “Oh my girl, I missed you” I didn’t even realize I had said it til @buuski told me later but it’s true. I feel like I have always known you and you me. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever met. I still wake up every morning and can’t believe you are mine.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mama, thank you for trusting me to guide you through your life.

Every moment and contraction and every bit of the pain of birth was worth it and I would do it a thousand times over if it means getting to spend one sec with you.” 

Rumer Willis birth
Rumer with her mum and sisters during her labour. Source: Instagram

Rumer also thanked Derek as well as her sisters (Scout and Tallulah Willis), who were also present at her home birth. She also shared another tribute post dedicated to her mother. Alongside several more home birth photos, Rumer wrote,

Thank you for holding the most beautiful space for me as I made the transition from maiden to mother. Thank you for helping me walk through and rise to the occasion to have the birth I dreamed of.” 

Rumer Willis Demi Moore birth
Demi was a constant source of calm for Rumer. Source: Instagram

Congrats to the new mumma. Enjoy those newborn baby bath snuggles!

There have been a few new celebrity bubs born recently. Jessie J recently welcomed a baby boy and Kaley Couco also welcomed a little girl she named Matilda.

Ireland Baldwin gave birth to a little girl named Holland last week and she shared a series of birth photos including one of her in the bath during labour with a cheeky caption, “The photo I’m going to show my daughter when she back talks.”

Ireland Baldwin birth
Ireland Baldwin welcomed bubba Holland this month. Source: Instagram

There are also a fair few celebrities ready to welcome their new additions. Both Rihanna and Serena Williams are pregnant with their second children.  Clare Danes and Hugh Dancy are expecting their third baby very soon and Lindsey Lohan is also pregnant with her first child. Celebrity baby boom indeed!

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