Celebrity Play Date! Hilary Duff Hosts Baby Music Class for Famous Mum Friends

There is an awful lot of celebrity baby cuteness lying on this playmat! Not only can we spot the adorable Mae, Hilary Duff’s latest addition, but look closely and you’ll see several other celebrity babies.

Hilary recently hosted a little baby music class at her LA pad for her new mummy friends, including fellow singers and actresses, Ashley Tisdale, Megan Trainor and Mandy Moore. Also invited to the gathering were cookbook author Gaby Dalkin and makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher.

Hilary shared a story to her Instagram page with the babies all enjoying some back time on a play mat. Ashley Tisdale also uploaded a few cute pics to her Insta story.

Guess the celebrity babies! 

So, who’s who in celebrity baby land? Let’s have a look, shall we?

celebrity babies
So many celebrity babies! Source: Instagram

The cheeky little dude in the green is Megan Trainor’s five-month-old son, Riley.

Beside him is Mandy Moore’s adorable bubba August, also five months.

Then we’ve got little Jupiter in the cute blue onesie. She’s Ashley Tisdale’s three-month-old daughter.

Beside her is Mae Mae, Hilary’s three-month-old.

And the little bubba in the blue at the end is Kelsey’s daughter, four-month-old Poppy. Missing from this pic is Gaby’s six-month-old daughter, also named Poppy. She’s the little one in the yellow in the pic below.

celebrity baby playdate
Source: Instagram

All the infants range from three months to six months of age. How sweet for the mums to be able to share babyhood with so many of their famous friends!

So much celebrity baby cuteness 

But this wasn’t your typical mummy/baby playdate. Oh no. This was a baby music class, complete with plenty of musical instruments for the babies to discover.

The little ones are clearly loving the warm California weather too as they all wear singlets and sleeveless rompers.

mum central
Jupiter and Mae are already showing off their musical skills, just like their mums. Source: Instagram

Hopefully the ladies decide to make Music Class a once-a-week thang and keep the cute pics coming!

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