QLD Childcare Worker Charged with 104 Child Sex Offences Over 25 Years

A Townsville childcare worker has been charged with the unthinkable – rape, bestiality, supplying drugs and indecent treatment of children. On 104 counts so far. 

The crimes committed took place over a 25-year span, from 1995 to 2020 and involved 12 victims – two males and 10 females, including a toddler. 

We will warn readers that this is very distressing content and may be difficult to read. 

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What we know so far

While the childcare worker is expected in Townsville Magistrates Court on September 29 2020, here are the facts so far: 

  • The man, allegedly from Pimlico in Townsville, has worked in the childcare sector for many years.
  • Police have not released the name of the man or the childcare centre he worked at.  
  • He is charged with 104 child sex offences dating from 1995 to 2020. 
  • These include multiple counts of rape, indecent treatment of children, bestiality*, making and distributing child exploitation material and supplying dangerous drugs. 
  • Police allege the man indecently assaulted children, recorded the offences, took images of the victims and then distributed them over a period of several years.
  • There are 12 victims police are aware of, ranging in age from 18 months old or less, to 16 years old.
  • At least one victim was a toddler.
  • Police also allege that some of the offences took place at the childcare centre, against the man’s own children.
  • Police are working with the centre to see if any more victims could be identified.

*Bestiality is described as “sexual activity of any kind with an animal”. 

What police have to say

According to Senior Sergeant Miles, the 39-year-old man would target women who had young children.

“This individual has offended against both his siblings, his own children and he has preyed upon vulnerable women in our community who have young children. 

The use of the drugs was to bring the vulnerable people into the relationship and then to provide them with drugs to stupefy them to allow offences to take place.”

Not the first offence 

This isn’t the first time the man has offended.

He has previously been charged with six offences including possessing, masking and distributing child exploitation material, possessing a weapon and possessing ammunition.

Not acting alone

Miles also told the public that the investigation began in July after a tip-off from a member of the public. The 39-year-old childcare worker is one of four people arrested as part of a long-term police operation.

The others arrested include a 33-year-old man from Townsville charged with 15 sex offences, a 38-year-old woman charged with possessing child exploitation material, distributing child exploitation material and burglary and a 49-year-old woman charged with three counts of bestiality.

“We have seen these sorts of networks [before] but this is probably one of the larger ones we’ve had in recent years,” he said.

This is far from over 

Miles adds, 

Our investigation at this stage is far from over. We do know that our main principal target was previously employed at a Townsville child care centre for a number of years.

We have identified some victims from that particular centre and we’re working back through historical records at the moment to identity whether there are any more.

Police suspect there will be more charges laid in the future.

We have a long way to go and a lot of material to review.”

Officers are urging anyone else who may have concerns or information about the offender to come forward.

Family violence support services:

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