Child Dies from Flu After Mum Follows Anti-Vax Group Advice

The four-year-old was described as a bubbly little boy who adored his brothers, his mum and his dad. The preschooler recently came down with an awful flu virus and, tragically, has died from it.

As the family struggles to come to terms with this heartbreak, a newspaper has uncovered recent comments left by the mother in a Facebook group called Stop Mandatory Vaccination. In the Facebook thread, the mother admits the doctor prescription flu medication for the whole family. But she opted not to use it and as such, her youngest son became ill and passed away.

Instead of fulfilling the prescription issued by her GP, she turned to the Facebook group for natural remedies, including elderberry, placing potatoes on the child’s forehead, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

“Yes it’s scary the doc told me to give my other two children and myself [Tamiflu] so we won’t get it,” the mother commented on Facebook.

“You’re better off taking Vitamin D and C, Elderberry, Zinc, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables,” one commenter replied.

“Ok perfect I’ll try that,” the mother wrote back.

Little boy dies after mum avoids flu medication 

The first thread started a week before this boy’s death. The mother told the group her son had a sky-high fever and he had suffered a seizure, but she decided not to pick up the medication, Tamiflu, prescribed by a doctor.

I am in desperate need of help with what to do for my poor kiddos! My 5-year-old and my 10-month-old [were] both premature babies. They have been tested positive for the flu [and] I am terrified. My 4-year-old had a febrile seizure at only temp of 102. The doc prescribed Tamiflu … I did not pick it up, I am scared and freaking out.”

Potatoes in place of medicine

The mother received plenty of advice from the group, which is run by anti-vaccine activist Larry Cook, a self-described “advocate for natural living” who aims to educate people about the “dangers of vaccination”.

One member suggested “Vitamin D and C, Elderberry, Zinc, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.”

Another group member suggested putting sliced potatoes and cucumbers on the child’s forehead.

Devastatingly, the mother continued to seek natural treatment advice as the week went on and her son continued to get worse.

Any other tips? I’m terrified for another seizure. Please no hard comments I am a momma freaking out all alone in this with a family who believes in none natural ways so I’m going through alone and they are making me feel bad for not putting him on Tamiflu.”

She tried boiling thyme on the stove and giving Vitamin C until the child gets diarrhoea. Nothing worked and the boy died a couple of days later.

Since her son’s tragic death, the mother has spoken out, telling KKTV: “I’m hurting so bad right now and so is his dad and brothers. Our whole family is hurting and it feels like we failed him because we did what we had to do.”

It’s a cold hard fact that the flu (influenza) can kill, especially if left untreated. In Australiainfluenza causes around 3,500 deaths a year, about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations.

It’s recommended by medical authorities to get the flu shot between April and June. It’s free for children aged six months to five years and is the single most effective measure to prevent influenza.

For more information on the flu shot, have a look at Everything Parents Need to Know About the Flu Shot for Kids.

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    With the kind of potential symptoms that antiviral has, I’m not surprised she opted nor to give it to her family especially since it would only be able to be effective once one actually got the flu. As for encouraging people ro get the flu shot, the flu shot isn’t as effective at preventing the flu as one would think. The shot is only for whichever strain/strains are predicted to be most prevalent in one’s area. Getting the flu shot DOES NOT guarantee that one won’t get the flu.

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