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This Bedtime Pass Really Will Get Your Kids to Stay In Their Beds ALL Night

It’s simple. It works. And it’s free.

Welcome to the brilliant Bedtime Pass, a miracle sleep solution that is about to change your nighttime routine forever.

Some kids are great sleepers. They go to sleep without a fuss. They sleep in their own beds all night. They wake up after the sun comes up.

My kids don’t fall into any of these categories. My kids suck at sleeping. They request water/books/cuddles/tickles/toilet/teddies/sandwiches every single night. They usually end up either on a mattress on the floor beside my bed or in my bed. And, normally they are wide awake at the crack of dawn, asking for that sandwich I promised to make them the night before.

Anyhow, a really smart (and probably sleep-deprived) clinical psychologist named Dr. Patrick C. Friman came up with this brilliant idea called The Bedtime Pass. Essentially, you give your child a Get out of Bed Free card that they can use JUST once a night. Once the pass is handed in, they have to stay in bed. And you get to actually sleep in your own bed without playing musical beds or anyone asking for sandwiches.


How does it work?

  1. Make a Get Out of Bed Pass for each child – a 4×6 or 5×7 piece of card with your kid’s name on it. You can make it pretty if you want. Add stickers, some glitter, perhaps. You can even clear contact the thing if you’re keen and happen to have some leftover from back to school.
  2. Explain how this pass works to your child. Your little one can use the pass once a night. It can be used to get a drink, to request a cuddle or to ask for a sandwich. Or, it can be saved for later in the night if he decides to come in.
  3. When your child uses the card, take it off him.
  4. If your child leaves the room again that night, walk him back without a word and without eye contact.

Does it actually work?

The Bedtime Pass has actually been around since 1999. How I am only finding out about it NOW and not five years ago when my kids were bedtime excuse masters, is beyond me.

But in the 19 years that it’s been around, thousands of parents have had success with the program. There’s been clinical studies done on it and everything.

According to one study, 92% of parents found the pass simple, stress-free and successful. And 100% of parents agreed that the sleep training didn’t cause discomfort for the kids (unlike some of the other sleep training programs out there, like Cry it Out).

Give it a go

The card is meant for kids aged three to 10 so if you, like me, have kids in this age bracket give it a try tonight. And let us know how it works for you!

Fingers crossed we all get a decent night’s sleep.

If you have smaller ones, you can try the program as well but it may take a little while for them to understand how it works.

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