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Children’s Medicine Recall Issued After Choking Hazard Found


This time round, it’s a few of the Amcal, Pharmacy Care and Guardian products risking the choking hazard after it was discovered the bottles could splinter off after first opening and cause a choking hazard.

Products affected by this recall are:

  • Amcal children’s paracetamol elixir for 1 to 5 years | (batch numbers FA4329 [expiry date 06/2016] and FA4403 [expiry date 07/2016])
  • Amcal children’s paracetamol suspension for 6 to 12 years | (batch numbers FA4306 [expiry date 05/2016] and FA4423 [expiry date 08/2016])
  • Amcal ibuprofen suspension for children |(batch numbers IA50251 [expiry date 08/2017], IA50252 [expiry date 08/2017] and IA50705 [expiry date 11/2017])
  • Amcal Cetirizine oral solution | (batch number IA50736 [expiry date 05/2018])
  • Pharmacy Care ibuprofen suspension for children | (batch numbers IA50250 [expiry date 08/2017] and IA50253 [expiry date 08/2017])
  • Pharmacy Care Cetirizine oral solution for 1 to 12 years | (batch number IA50735 [expiry date 05/2018])
  • Guardian children’s paracetamol elixir for 1 to 5 years | (batch number FA4341 [expiry date 06/2016])


If you or someone you care for is using any of the above products, please be aware of this issue and check the batch number (displayed on the side of the carton and on the bottle label).

If you have a bottle with a batch number listed above, return the medicine to the place of purchase for refund or replacement. In the meantime do not use the affected medicine.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, please speak to your health professional. Alternatively, you can call Sigma on 1300 132 293.

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