URGENT RECALL: Chemmart and Pharmacy Choice children’s painkillers


Chemmart and Pharmacy Choice pain relievers for children have been urgently recalled due to the risk of the bottle splintering when opened.

Three generic-brand pain relievers for children have been recalled due to the risk of the bottle splintering when opened.

An urgent medicine recall has been issued by the medicine wholesaler Symbion for a number of batches of the Chemmart and Pharmacy Choice products.

The issue affects some batches of the following products supplied in 200 mL bottles:

  • Chemmart Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 – 12 yrs)
  • Pharmacy Choice Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 – 12 yrs)
  • Chemmart Children’s Paracetamol 6 – 12 Yrs Concentrated.

The medicines, described as being similar to children’s Nurofen, are liquid ibuprofen and paracetamol for children under the age of 12, and all come in a 200ml bottle.


Medical wholesaler Symbion says the Pharmacy Choice medicine with batch numbers IA45162, IA50044 and IA50026 have been recalled, with expiry dates of May and June 2017.

The Chemmart medicine has the same expiry period with batch numbers IA45163 and IA50030.

The 200ml Chemmart concentrated children’s paracetamol for children aged 6-12 should also be returned if it has an expiry date of October 2016.

The company said although there is nothing wrong with the medicine itself, bottle grooves could break off when opening the bottle, creating a choking hazard for small children.

No other batches are affected.

Customers with the products are being advised to return them to the place of purchase for a refund.

More from the Therapeutic Goods Administration here.

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