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Chrissie Swan is Kicking Health Goals, Wows Us with Her Transformation!

Over the years we’ve welcomed Chrissie Swan into our homes through the TV, first with a debut on Big Brother way back in 2003 and more recently in I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, The Project and Celebrity Masterchef. You can also hear her on Nova radio.

It’s hard not to notice that Chrissie Swan has gone through an incredible body transformation in the last couple of years – and you might be shocked to learn how she did it.

Girl, WOW!

And Chrissie kicked off 2022 by wowing us with a selfie of a super relaxed beach selfie with an encouraging message for us all. Uploading this pic and sweet caption for her Instagram followers.

Chrissie Swan
Source: Instagram

“I posted this yesterday to my stories and I was amazed by how many of you a) wanted to wear a white pair of bathers but haven’t and b) haven’t swum in the ocean for years.

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO DO BOTH OMG JUST DO IT! Don’t worry about jiggly bits and saggy bits and whatever. Do it – trust me – you’ll feel ALIVE AND BOLD AND INVINCIBLE!”

Many of us were just as she said, in awe that she was wearing white bathers but also, CHRISSIE SWAN YOU LOOK DAMN FINE, GIRL.

How did she do it?!

Proving you can still make your health a priority no matter how busy you are, 48-year-old Chrissie, a busy mum of three decided to focus on her health during Melbourne’s lockdown by kicking alcohol to the kerb and walking. Yep, no fad diets, no hectic gym routine – just no alcohol and walking. Much walking.

Chrissie Swan
Chrissie getting the walking in, sunshine or not! Source: Instagram

How much walking exactly? Well, around 10km a day seems to be the average for Chrissie. Which when in lockdown, would’ve been an easy feat – excuses to not walk weren’t around, what else was there to do? And now, Chrissie maintains these new healthier habits. Amazing!

10km a day? I could never…

YES, YOU CAN. For those playing at home, you absolutely don’t need to find a two-hour block of time to walk. You could get up earlier and walk for an hour in the morning and instead of watching Bachelor in the evening, go for a walk… it’s doable for many is all I’m saying. But if it’s really, truly not – anything is better than nothing and consistency is key!

As for the alcohol, that takes discipline – but there are MANY great alcohol-free bevvies to be discovered, just take a look next time you’re at your local bottle shop.

Chrissie Swan
Pretty in pink and looking radiant as ever, Chrissie is positively glowing! Source: Instagram

Chrissie Swan’s healthier choices inspire others…

If you follow Chrissie on Instagram you’ll often hear her talking of her health journey in her stories and she takes beautiful photographs on her daily walks. And if it’s the inspiration you seek, you’ll find it there! A look through any of the comments on Chrissie’s posts reveals many people she’s inspired to embark on a health journey of their own.

“You are looking so fab Chrissy. So inspirational… I’m ordering walking shoes for Christmas x”

“My god Chrissie, you look amazing. You’ve always been beautiful but I need to lose some weight for health purposes and you are an inspiration!! Not just for the way you look but for how much healthier you must be!”

“You are just so beautiful and looking so dam healthy. You’re glowing ❤️”

Chrissie Swan
It has POCKETS. Chrissie looking fit as ever in a striped jumpsuit. Source: Instagram

More celebrity transformations!

Chrissie isn’t alone in her jaw-dropping transformation, other celebrities who have lost a staggering amount of weight to become leaner, healthier versions of themselves are Adele, Rebel Wilson and funny man Ethan Suplee.

Adele told Oprah in a recent interview that she trained like an athlete to shed her kilos. Source: Instagram

Fans needn’t have worried about how the weight loss would affect Adele’s voice. The release of her latest album, 30, is proof that this woman is better than ever.

Rebel Wilson
Rebel’s year of healthy focus bloomed into a constant focus! Source: Instagram

Fellow Aussie, Rebel Wilson made a promise to herself that 2020 would be her “Year of Health” and boy, has her hard work and discipline paid off. Rebel, you look great and you must FEEL amazing!

Ethan Suplee
An amazing transformation for Ethan Suplee! Source: Instagram

Earl is that you? Actor Ethan Suplee is barely recognisable after his epic transformation! Not only did this man lose the weight, but he also gained a whole lot of hulk-like muscle! Talk about serious gains.

What say you, are you making your health a priority this year or keen to adopt some simple healthy habits like Chrissie Swan? We’d love to hear if you are, tell us your goals in the comments below!

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    I call BS!!!
    The hard, hard, hard work others put in to the weight lose, and here is Chrissy Swan stating BS about giving up alcohol and a dramatic weight lose happens!
    Honesty is the best policy, if you had surgery – own it because who gives a sh** as long as you are healthy and happy.

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