Christmas Gifts Under $50: Stocking Stuffers to Excite & Delight

If you’re looking for fun and different Christmas gifts under $50, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got seven great gift ideas, all of which will give you change under $50 and are perfect for stuffing into stockings or popping under the tree without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your niece or nephew or need to balance out the presents with your kids, allow us to introduce you to Mum Central’s top picks for gifts under $50 for Christmas 2023.

Christmas Gifts Under $50 – Give a gorgeous gift without breaking the bank!

Disney Doorables Series 10

RRP: $9 – $19
Where to buy: Kmart, Big W, MYER, Coles, Amazon and select independent retailers
Ages: 5+

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Disney Doorables really are absolutely adoorable! They’re itty bitty Disney toy figures that stand around 3.8cm and are perfect for kids who love collecting! Each figure features signature Doorables stylised detailing and sparkly glitter eyes, making them a lovely addition to any toy shelf or display case.

Unlock the door to celebrate 100 years of Disney wonder and give your Disney lovers a chance to find the 10 special-edition platinum celebration figures, including the rarest Doorable EVER… the Disney 100 Mickey Mouse! With only 100 in existence, this is a pretty exciting treasure to add to their collection.

Series 10 is the newest Disney Doorables collection, with never-before-featured characters from the Disney stories The Emperor’s New Groove, Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, Robin Hood, Pocahontas and many more. Series 10 comes in Mini and Multi Peek packs starting at just $9, and they are the perfect size to pop into any stocking.

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Calming Crystals from Pocket Hearts 

RRP: $24.95
Where to buy: Pocket Hearts
Ages: 3+

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Pocket Hearts are calming crystals used to promote mindfulness and self-regulation in children. Small enough to carry in your little one’s pocket, they allow them to overcome any obstacles, reduce anxiety, achieve their goals, and unleash their inner superpowers.

Pocket Hearts are not just ordinary crystals either. They are powerful, meaningful and ideal for any little one trying to deal with big emotions. Not only a great stocking stuffer, but these are also the perfect present for the start of school next year, especially if you have a little one who is a bit worried about being at a “big school”. Of course, Pocket Hearts are helpful in all sorts of stressful situations, from sports events to sleepovers, from the first days of school all the way through to final exams.

They may be small, but their powers are mighty,  and this is why we love Pocket Hearts for so many reasons! We know so many children will benefit from them and think they’re such a great concept. Plus, they come with a little gift bag and a certificate, making them the perfect gift with real meaning.  With nine different crystals to choose from in the Pocket Hearts Family, some of our favourites include Tiger’s Eye for bravery, Rose Quartz for love and Green Adventurine for luck. Jump on over and check out the full range, and don’t forget to use code MUMCENTRAL for 15% off!


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Style 4 Ever Airbrush Plush

RRP: $49.99
Where to buy: Big W, Myer, Toy Mate, Toyworld, Toys R Us
Ages: 4+

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Cute, cuddly and designed for creative minds, the Style 4 Ever Airbrush Plush is a little artist’s dream. Children are encouraged to doodle, sketch, draw, add stick-on stencils and even paint with an airbrush all over their adorable white plush friend. Don’t worry – the colours are fully removed with a quick wash and ready to reuse. How good is that?!

Each Plush comes with an airbrush (including batteries), 4 x fun coloured chalk markers, stick-on stencils and more than 100 template designs to choose from. Kids will love coming up with their designs or using the templates to make cosmic shapes, animal prints and more. To remove the paint, simply put the Plush through the washing machine and you’ve got a blank canvas to start right over again!

There are 7 ultra-cute original designs to choose from too: Unicorn, Puppy, Kitty and Dino, plus the three newbies, Panda, Koala and a Glow-in-the-dark Unicorn. For a smaller option, there’s the new Mystery Minis collection – they retail at $24.99 and come in a mystery container with two surprise plushies to discover. So much fun! ‌

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So Slime DIY

RRP: Under $40
Where to buy: Kmart, BIG W, MYER, Catch, Toyworld & Toymate
Ages: 4+

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This Christmas, why not surprise them with So Slime?! This crafty activity is a fan favourite with kids, and the So Slime DIY series has something for everyone. Kids get to make their own slime and mix and match crazy sensations, textures, colours and decorations to create unique 100% ASMR experiences.

Choose from slime, sand, or foam, then all the added sprinkles and sparkles you would like to make your very own Slime Creations. There are a few great kits available too, including the So Slime DIY Magical Slime for all wizards and witches. The Magical Potion Maker features a cauldron with lights and sounds to create the perfect potions for slime-making (with a magical twist)!

Another popular set is the So Slime DIY Fidget Slime, which comes with both the Carry Case and a Slime Maker Kit for added textures and ASMR playability. The So Slime DIY Fluffy Slime & Slimelicious set comes in a handy tool case kit to help keep all your slime-making activities in one place, perfect for storage & transporting!‌ For something a bit smaller, consider the So Slime DIY Magical Slime 3 pack for just $16 too.

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Kaleidoscope Arts & Crafts Activities

RRP: Under $12
Where to buy: Big W
Ages: 3+

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‌Engaging, educational and entertaining, the Kaleidoscope Arts and Crafts range ticks all the boxes (and more)! The real bonus here is that it will provide kids with hours and hours of quiet play. That’s the real winner, right?! The range includes the new Wooden Decorator and enchanting wooden windmills, plus adorable characters and creatures waiting to be customised. There are also jewellery-making activities, sun catchers, paper planes, wind chimes, foam fairies, scratch art, and so much more.

Kaleidoscope’s kits are designed to take your child on a journey of self-discovery where they can experiment with different artistic forms, colours, and styles. The possibilities are endless, and each kit reveals new avenues of creativity.

Most kits are around the $5 mark, however some Kaleidoscope arts and crafts supplies, such as pencils and sticker sets, start at just $3.  Mix and match a few different kits and let them get creative after the Christmas morning chaos. ‌

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Macca’s Makers Sets from McDonald’s 

RRP: $36.95
Where to buy: Any McDonald’s restaurant or via McDelivery
Ages: 5+

Source: Supplied

Maccas in Lego form? Yes, please! This brand-new product is a great gift under $50 that the kids will love building together.  The 56-piece limited-edition building set is a replica of a McDonald’s restaurant and features the iconic glow-in-the-dark Golden Arches pylon, crew and manager figurines, McCafé, Playland, front counter and drive-thru.

Not only will it provide hours of building fun and role-play once the build is done, but it’s also a gift that contributes to a great cause. 100% of profits of all sets sold are being donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities in celebration of McHappy Day.

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DC True Wireless Earphones 

RRP: $39
Where to buy: BIG W


Another tech-specular Christmas gift under $50 is these funky DC True Wireless Earphones, perfect for any kids looking for compact and stylish Bluetooth earbuds with state-of-the-art sound.

Equipped with 8mm sound drivers, they deliver immersive audio that will take your music-listening experience to the next level. The included rechargeable case provides an impressive 60 hours of standby time, ensuring they’re always ready to enjoy their favourite tunes and YouTube shows on the go.

Designed with comfort in mind, these earbuds feature an ergonomic design that fits snugly in their ear, allowing for extended wear without any discomfort. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to unparalleled sound and convenience. Get ready to elevate their audio experience with these stylish and comfortable earbuds.

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How to find more great gifts under $50

Shopping for Christmas gifts under $50 is a great way to stick to a budget and ensure every child on your list receives something of similar value.  If you are looking for age-specific Christmas gifts, check out our Christmas 2023 gift guides below.

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