10 Perfect Presents for Preschoolers this Christmas 2023

Ignite the magic and excitement of Christmas and deliver a present that your little preschooler will LOVE! We’ve consulted with the kids in the know in selecting some of the best Christmas presents for preschoolers this Christmas 2023.

We’ve got something for every preschooler, from outdoor toys to sensory products, craft kits, and tile sets, plus board games and books. We’ve even included our favourite experience gift for preschoolers, all with the Stamp of Approval by my own little preschooler who is expecting ALL of these things on Christmas morning (not happening).

10 Christmas Presents for Preschoolers (Ages 3 to 5) 

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Platinum Edition™

RRP: $349
WHERE TO BUY: Step2 Direct Australia

Source: Supplied

What goes up must come down!  Experience the thrills of an amusement park with this incredibly popular kids’ roller coaster. Preschoolers absolutely LOVE this toy, and it’s a fantastic addition to any backyard.

Great for promoting gross motor skills, balance and hand-eye coordination, the ride-on car features a high back, handrail, and footrests for a safe, secure ride or use off the track as a riding toy.  Featuring over 2.7 metres of track and an ATV-style car, it’ll provide hours of independent, active fun.

The roller coaster comes with two sets of non-slip steps that lock securely into the 4-piece track for platform access from both sides. Simply pull the pieces apart for convenient, compact storage. Plus, it’s kid-powered thanks to easy-access steps and recessed retainer walls that hold the coaster car until kids are ready to roll.

Great for both indoor and outdoor play, this will get the kids 2-5 years moving and laughing. We also love the natural colour palette, which blends nicely into any decor. It’s made from durable, double-walled plastic construction with moulded-in colours that won’t chip, fade, crack or peel. Plus, it’s low maintenance – just wipe down as needed. Perfect!

SAVE: 10% OFF  + $10 OFF

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CONNETIX 102 Piece Rainbow Creative Pack

RRP: $159
WHERE TO BUY: Connetix

Source: Supplied

If there’s one thing that will keep preschoolers preoccupied while promoting creativity and learning, it’s CONNETIX magnetic tiles! CONNETIX are a staple in our household and a favourite of my preschooler. The 102 Piece Rainbow Creative Pack is the perfect present for under the tree that sparks hours of limitless creativity, fun and unstructured play.

This pack features a variety of shapes, including small and large squares, equilateral, right angle and isosceles triangles, plus fences, windows and door frames. You will get each of the shapes in every rainbow colour, creating symmetry and balance. It is a great starter option for family play and building BIGGER CONNETIX creations.

CONNETIX are made from non-toxic, food-grade ABS plastic and include ultrasonic welding and rivets for extra safety, along with strong magnets to build bigger. They are also founded by a Masters-qualified early childhood educator and a skilled mechanical designer, designed to encourage STEAM learning and fine and gross motor skills. Perfect for independent or parent-led play, plus older siblings love these sets too!

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Bio DoUgh Mega Bundle 

RRP: $242. Now $177

Source: Supplied

Meet the ultimate in sensory and tactile play … Bio DoUgh! Bio DoUgh is the perfect play dough with a distinct and highly malleable texture, the result of a year of dedicated learning and experimentation by Food Scientists. You won’t be able to make dough this soft at home!

This isn’t your typical play dough either. It’s Made in Australia from food-grade ingredients, and all elements are sourced from certified Australian suppliers. Eco-friendly, non-sticky, natural and rehydratable makes Bio DoUgh such a long-lasting product. Simply add a few drops of water, and it’s like new again.

For Christmas, take a look at the Mega Value set. It comes with everything you need for dough fun, a perfect present for preschoolers and little artists. The set comes with the Rainbow in a Bag, Pastel Limited Edition, 18 colours, silicone rolling pin and BPA-free mat, glitters, all cutters, and storage containers – it’s a treasure trove of creativity! The non-stick mat is especially great as you can wipe, roll up, fasten with the handy star loop and store away. If you’re looking for a smaller present for preschoolers, take a look at Bio DoUgh’s smaller bundles, starting at $37.95.


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VTech Race & Learn Driver

RRP: $79.95
WHERE TO BUY: Kmart, good toy stores & online retailers

Source: Supplied

It’s time for preschoolers and little kids to start their engines and buckle up for excitement with the Race & Learn Driver by VTech! This driving toy for kids has a colourful game screen and features of a real car including a steering wheel, gear stick, turn signal indicator, hazard lights, wipers and horn. What fun!

Cruise through 20 exciting games, races and road trips and let your preschooler experience the thrill of the road. They can practice driving by using the turn signal indicator, horn, gear stick and high-tech dashboard buttons that let kids take calls, check maps, and hear traffic reports on the radio. There are three races to compete in for preschoolers to race and win while unlocking new levels.

Not only great for little drivers, the Race & Learn Driver is also educational at every turn, with counting, spelling and problem-solving games available at destinations around town. Packed with developmental benefits including role-play fun, discovery, exploration, problem-solving and motor skill development, this toy will certainly go the distance!

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smarTrike Xtend Scooter

RRP: $219
Where to Buy: smarTrike

Source: Supplied

One scooter to last them 10+ years? You bet! Meet the smartTrike Xtend Scooter – it’s the only scooter on the market that can take kids from preschool well into their school days.

The Xtend is quite possibly the smartest scooter we’ve ever come across, with a fantastic design and super durable, too. Features include an extendable footboard (the only scooter in the world to offer this) and extendable handlebars. It also features all-terrain light-up LED wheels, a quick fold for easy carry and storage and two-large front wheels in the front to help with balance and steering.

The Xtend scooter features three stages designed to accompany children throughout childhood and is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are just learning how to balance and scoot. The genius behind the Xtend Scooter is the extendable handlebars and extendable footboard that you can adjust in seconds – no tools necessary! But best of all, it will last your little one to the tween stage.

SAVE: 15% OFF 

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BOUNCE Gift of Flight

RRP: $15 – $65 for MiniBouncer or $22 – $80 for a child
WHERE TO BUY: BOUNCE (available online only) 

Source: Supplied

Little kids LOVE to bounce, tumble, jump and flip. That’s why an experience gift like a BOUNCE Gift of Flight is such a fun present for preschoolers! BOUNCE is a top destination for kids of all ages with trampolines, ninja courses, adrenaline features, dodgeball and plenty more. Plenty of BOUNCE gyms also feature toddler and preschooler zones with slides, ball pits and mini bouncers. So much fun!

There are BOUNCE gyms right across Australia, so chances are there is one near you! The BOUNCE Gift of Flight features a 1, 3 or 5-session digital voucher emailed directly to you. Simply print it off and give it to your preschooler on Christmas morning, and enjoy a visit anytime.

Gift of Flight is for the free spirits, fun seekers, back flippers, wall climbers, wall runners, big-bag jumpers, and aspiring freestyles.  Give the Gift of Flight and send it straight to your inbox for the easiest present of 2023. Available for online purchase only.

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Snack Time for Parker the Pup: A Guide to Feeding Your Dog Well 

RRP: $21.99

Source: Supplied

We are firm believers that every Christmas wish list, from little kids to big kids, should include something to read. Our pick for preschoolers goes to the adorable story Snack Time for Parker the Pup: A Guide to Feeding your Dog Well, written by Sabrina Lee.

It’s safe to say that most families with children have dogs, so this is such a great way to educate children and their families on what foods are safe and not so safe for pups. How clever!  ‌There are no other children’s picture books on the market that teach kids about what foods are safe and not safe for dogs and the nutritional benefits, making it a welcome addition to any children’s book collection. You may even learn a thing or two about dog health and dog nutrition! The content in this book was checked by a veterinary nurse prior to publishing.

Little kids will love the beautiful illustrations and easy-to-follow storyline, plus Parker the Pup is adorable too! It can also make young children wonder what foods are good for them as well, which is naturally a big bonus!

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Licensed Arts & Crafts Activity Sets by Hunter Leisure

RRP: Under $25

Source: Supplied

If your little kid loves to craft with enthusiasm and passion, then these Hunter Leisure Licenced Arts & Crafts Activity Sets are going to send them into an absolute spin! These All-in-One & Artists Sets are jam-packed with creative content featuring over 1,000 pieces in each set.

Each set is designed to entertain preschoolers while encouraging their creativity with Paint Your Own Plaster, Colour Your Own Character Standee, a Spiral Scratch Art Pad, washable connector markers with storage pouch, sticker sheets, a paint palette, washi tape, foam character stickers, gem stickers, colouring roll AND MORE! That’s a whole lot of cool stuff to keep any preschooler busy.

But the best thing about these crafts sets is that they are themed in your preschooler’s favourite characters and shows. Brands include Barbie, Frozen, Bluey, Spider-Man & The Avengers and Gabby’s Dollhouse.

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Story Time Chess 

RRP: $69.95

story time chess christmas gifts for preschoolers 2023
Source: Supplied

We’ve shared our absolute LOVE for Story Time Chess in the past, and once you play it for yourself, you’ll see why. It’s the most awarded game of all time (including the 2021 Toy of the Year and Brain Child Award), that teaches children as young as three how to play chess.

The game blends storytime learning and playtime into one with silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chess board. The whole set is beautifully designed and can be passed on from generation to generation. It will become a cherished keepsake for sure.

Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn. Whether you love the game of chess or you’ve always wanted to learn, this is an excellent way to do so alongside your little ones. Enjoy story time with a playful twist and help your child get ahead with Story Time Chess!

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Little Kids Business Hammocks and Swinging Chairs  

RRP: From $109.95
WHERE TO BUY: Little Kids Business

little kids business swing christmas gifts for preschoolers 2023
Source: Supplied

Christmas presents for preschoolers that can also be enjoyed by adults are always a winner, and these gorgeous backyard swings may be just what you’re looking for to complete your backyard. Although they are suitable for kids and adults of all ages, we know they are perfect for preschoolers and older siblings looking for a place to relax, either with a book, an iPad, a drawing pad or just their thoughts.

Little Kids Business has stunning swinging hammocks, chairs and even beds suitable for kids and adults and offers free shipping too. With natural tones and adorned with soft, lovely handcrafted tassels, these will be a great addition to your home and garden this spring.

The first of our top two choices is the Gardeon Hammock Chair Swing Bed, made from quality polyester cotton with a solid timber rail and can hold a maximum of 120kg. Our second pick is the Keezi Kids Nest Swing Chair Hammock – great for two kids or one adult and makes a wonderfully unique Christmas gift for your big kid.

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More great presents for preschoolers

Preschoolers are such fun to shop for! There’s no end to all the educational, engaging and active toys designed just for this incredible age. We have several other great suggestions for little kids and presents for preschoolers too, including beach toys, outdoor toys, bikes and scooters, puzzles and games and anything related to their fave TV show (Bluey, Gabby’s Dollhouse and PAW Patrol are always preschooler hits).

If your little preschooler is heading off to a big school next year, then anything to help them with this transition is also good – a new lunch box or a cute backpack, for example.

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