Christmas 2023: 10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Kids 5 – 10 Years!


Got a child aged 5 to 10 on your Christmas shopping list? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve uncovered 10 perfectly suited Christmas gifts for kids 5+, ideal for primary school kiddies up to around the age of 10.

Our Christmas guide for gifts for kids 5+ suits all budgets, from $30 to $180. So whether you’re looking for a small gift for the stocking or a relative or a big ticket item to hide under the tree, you’ll find it below.  From remote control vehicles to sustainable race tracks, from card games to bikes, here are our top picks for Christmas gifts for kids 5+.

Exploding Kittens: Good Vs Evil

RRP: $50
WHERE TO BUY: EB Games and your local game store

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Looking for ultimate family fun? Look no further! Exploding Kittens: Good Vs Evil is the newest edition to the Exploding Kittens game range and is guaranteed to bring out the giggles in your big kids. With new rules, new kittens and new artwork based on the upcoming Netflix series, expect some epic battles while trying not to explode.

The rules are simple in this game of kitty-powered Russian Roulette where you encounter Armageddon cards, Exploding Kittens and plenty of curveballs along the way. Play this game on its own, or combine this deck with any expansion of Exploding Kittens to double the fun.

Not only is this game a great gift for kids 5+, but it’s also perfect for playing with relatives, friends, and even gran. It’s guaranteed to break the ice at holiday reunions and keep everyone laughing long into the night. It’s also a great way to beat the heat indoors on Boxing Day and bring on the friendly competition around the barbecue. So, gather your loved ones and get ready to have a blast.

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Vee Organics Skincare 

RRP: From $67
WHERE TO BUY: Vee Organics

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Give your big kid an early start to great skin and skincare habits with Vee Organics. This skincare range is designed especially for young skin. At about 7 years old, skin starts to change slightly, with blackheads and more severe acne starting closer and well into the teenage years. Starting them early with a skincare routine and their very own skincare range can help establish good skincare habits for the rest of their lives.

Teen skincare isn’t just a face wash and that’s enough. Vee Organics takes kids’ skincare to the next level with a routine of cleansers, exfoliants, moisturisers and face oils. Vee Organics Three Step Bundle includes Breezy Cleaning Milk, Silky Skin Exfoliant and Dreamy Lush Moisturiser. Their Four Step Bundle includes the same ending with a Fab Face Oil.

Natural and organic, Vee Organic’s skincare range is a skincare routine they will love to do every day. Vee Organic only uses ingredients that are not only suitable and safe for young skin, but that are 100% natural and most are certified organic. Their goal is to ensure all teens have confidence in their skin and establish good skincare habits from an early age. Check out their Gift Box Builder where you can build your own gift box, in teal or pink.


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Magic Mixies Genie Lamp

RRP: $130
WHERE TO BUY: Big W, Kmart, Target and all good toy stores

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Their wishes have come true! Real magic has returned in the form of the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp. Inside this mysterious golden Magic Lamp is a Genie Mixie waiting to be released. Expect excitement overload as your kids awaken the Genie and unlock the secrets of the lamp.

There are several magical steps that must be performed before the Genie Mixie will rise out from the lamp. Kids will love how real magical mist appears from the spout as they rub it and how they must create a magical ring that can be used to make wishes with their Genie Mixie.

Every Magic Mixies Genie Lamp comes with an interactive plush toy Genie inside which comes with three modes – Wish Granting Mode, Play Mode and Chat Mode. By using their light-up gem on their forehead, the Genie Mixie can grant or deny children’s wishes – so cool!  Genie Mixies love to interact and play when they are touched and also love to chat and cast spells in their own Mixie language.

Their Magic Mixies Genie Lamp can also be reset so they can perform the misting reveal from inside the Lamp again and again. A Magical Mist Refill Pack for your Genie Lamp is also available and sold separately so your child can keep the magic alive.

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VTech Car-Board Racers 

RRP: Starting at $24.95

Source: Supplied

Brand new to the VTech brand and sure to be a huge hit this Christmas, check out this epic cardboard race track and accessories. That’s right – cardboard, made of recycled cardboard pieces and perfect for promoting sustainability, fostering eco-conscious play.

Kids can build their own racetracks, connect the tracks with connectors, place them on the stands, and get ready to race. Place a vehicle on top of the track and watch it zoom around the edges. Each set includes cardboard pieces, a vehicle, connectors & stands, and suction cups but you can also use spare cardboard to expand your racetrack and get creative. Kids can even colour them in and customise each piece, ideal for unleashing creativity at home.

There are three sets to collect including the Starter Set ($24.95), the Monster Truck and Track ($29.95) and the Off-Roader and Track ($39.95). And remember, the fun doesn’t end with what’s in the box – let them build and customise the track with spare bits of cardboard from around the house. What a great idea!

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Jada RC Vehicles 

RRP: $49 – $129
WHERE TO BUY: Big W, Toy Mate, Myer and

One of the most popular Christmas gifts for kids 5+ is a remote-controlled vehicle. They provide hours of entertainment inside and outside the house. Jada Toys is the leader of the pack with epic remote-controlled vehicles including the Fast & the Furious range, the Spiderman Ford GT and the Transformers Optimus Prime.

Let’s start with the Fast & the Furious range of radio-controlled cars, all expertly crafted on the hit movie series. There are several cars in the series to collect, all come with a detailed interior and exterior and a range of up to 30 metres. These toy cars are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery (USB plug included) and the controller just takes two AA batteries.

Radio-controlled Optimus Prime comes with lights and sounds and measures over 33cm tall as a robot, 30cm long as a truck. Expertly designed for smooth driving and transforming performance, Optimus easily transforms into a walking Autobot and back. Or get their spidey senses tingling with the Miles Morales Spiderman Buggy, modeled after the newest Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie.

These toy cars are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery (USB cable included) and the controller just takes two AA batteries. All RC vehicles also have a range of up to 30 metres, and are perfect for play at home, in the driveway, at the park and anywhere!

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Cyclops Bikes – BMX or Biomechanix

RRP: $159-$249
WHERE TO BUY: Cyclops Bikes, Gift Playground

Source: Supplied

If your child is after a new set of wheels, then Cyclops Bikes are our top pick. They’ve got bikes and trikes, plus scooters for kids of all ages and stages. For Christmas gifts for kids 5+ we have two choices in the Cyclops range – the Biomechanix Bikes and the Cyclops Amaroo BMX Bike, both available at Gift Playground. 

Cyclops Biomechanix Bikes are great for everyday riding and come in three sizes (30cm, 40cm and 50cm). They offer a lightweight, alloy frame, smooth roll tyres and a hand and coaster brake for safe stopping power. This is a great ”next level’ bike for kids looking for a high-quality bike that goes the distance. The 30cm and 40cm bikes also come with training wheels if your child is still learning but the 50cm bike is your best option if your child is over the age of 6.

For the BMX fans, you can’t go past the Cyclops Amaroo BMX Bike. It’s a 1979 Classic Reimagined for Modern Thrills. This bike pays homage to the golden era of BMX while incorporating cutting-edge technology and design to deliver an unmatched riding experience.

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The KIDS Gift Card from Card.Gift

RRP: $30-$500

Source: Supplied

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for an adventurous little explorer who loves to have fun? Look no further than the KIDS Gift Card from Card.Gift. From toys to games, books, and stylish new clothes, this gift card has got it covered. In fact, the KIDS Gift Card from Card.Gift has more brands than any other KIDS multichoice card on the market!

This gift card opens a world of excitement for them, with over 40 amazing brands to choose from and not just toy brands either. Kids can spend their gift cards on experiences or activities such as at Bounce, Strike, or Time Zone. Or, they can use it in the online world at the PlayStation Store or Roblox.

There are also plenty of clothing stores to choose from including Rebel, Cotton-On Kids, ASOS, City Beach and Ghanda. There are also plenty of sports-related stores to tackle including Nike, the AFL Store, Foot Locker and so many more, including toy faves like Smiggle and ToyWorld.

The KIDS Gift Card is easy to use and has a minimum 3-year expiry date. Plus, on Card.Gift you can personalise it with a video or written message to make it extra special. Give them a gift that’s not just memorable but downright unforgettable. Grab one today and watch their eyes light up.

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Laser X – Laser Tag Ultra

WHERE TO BUY: Kmart, Target,, Mr Toys and Toymate


For a Christmas gift for kids that ticks all the boxes – high tech, fast-paced, active fun, you cannot go past Laser X. Laser X brings laser tag to life anytime they want – at home, in the backyard and even at the park. The newest range is the Laser X Ultra which includes a whole heap of blaster options for all your laser tagging needs.

Equipped with the latest Laser X technology, these blasters feature quick slide reload and arm or chest receivers or blaster-to-blaster gameplay that notify you when you’ve been hit and now reveal who tagged you!

With over 20 team colour combinations and exciting sound and lighting effects, every game is an exhilarating experience. Laser X Ultra blasters are compatible with all other Laser X gear, allowing unlimited players to join in on the excitement. Get ready for endless fun and intense laser battles!

Shop The Range

  • Laser X Ultra Double Sports Blaster – equips 2 players with blaster & arm receiver – 90m range
  • Laser X Ultra Double Blaster – equips 2 players with blaster & chest receiver – 90m range
  • Laser X Ultra Double B2 Blaster – equips 2 players with blaster-to-blaster action – 90m range
  • Laser X Ultra Micro Blaster – equips 2 or 4 players with blaster-to-blaster action – 60m range
  • Laser X Ultra Long Range Blaster – equips 2 players with blaster-to-blaster action – 150m range

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L.O.L. Surprise! Roller Dreams Racing for Nintendo Switch

WHERE TO BUY: Big W, EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, The Gamesmen and Amazon

Source: Supplied

One of the most-asked-for gifts for kids 5+ is something gaming-related. If you already have a Nintendo Switch or if Santa is bringing the kids one, make sure you add L.O.L. Surprise! Roller Dreams Racing to their list too. It’s the perfect game for L.O.L Surprise! fans as well as anyone who loves a bit of friendly race car competition.

Kids can choose one of their favourite characters, and race in a variety of tracks and modes. Play with up to four friends or play solo and race against different AI characters.  Explore popular L.O.L. Surprise! themes including delectable sweets, Route 707, outer space and beyond. With each race, you will earn Glitter Points to open L.O.L. Surprise! Balls and unlock different surprises like stickers and accessories to use in future races. How cool!

There’s also an L.O.L. Surprise! Grand Prix where kids can race through multiple courses to be declared the Grand Prix Champion. And, like all good racing games, Roller Dreams Racing also includes sabotage items like confetti bombs, cupcakes, glitter, and bubble gum. Expect hours and hours of gaming fun, for kids – and for you too!

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Fluffie Stuffiez

RRP: $39 for large, $25 for small
WHERE TO BUY: Big W, Amazon and local specialty toy stores

Source: Supplied

Meet the Fluffie Stuffiez! This cast of zany characters is super snuggly, ultra fluffy, and BIG on personality. Although they may look like your average plush toy, they are anything but! Each plush comes with three ways to play – pull them, reveal them, and stuff them. Pull the fluff off the plush to reveal a new super cute surprise secondary character underneath.

Stuff the fluff inside the soft squishy bag to reveal a second friend for extended play. Give your character a moustache, unibrow, heart cheeks, or even a mohawk – there are so many ways to uniquely customise as you pull and reveal!

Great for fidget play, sensory play, tactile play, collectability and, of course, snuggling, the Fluffie Stuffiez make a great gift for kids 5+ this Christmas. They come in two sizes, large and small and there are several Stuffiez to collect including Rainbow, Unicorn, Axolotl, Panda, Cloud, and Ice Cream. Each Fluffie Stuffie comes with a storage pouch, collector’s guide and character hang tag.

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More great gifts for kids 5+ 

If you’re after Christmas gift ideas for kids, consider a few of these ideas:

  • Anything for the beach, creek or pool: Swimmers, towels, pool toys, kayaks, inflatables or snorkelling gear.
  • Sports equipment: Soccer or footballs, cricket set, tennis rackets, ping pong table or kids golf clubs.
  • Tech: iPad or tablet, smartwatch, headphones, gaming sets and games.
  • Activity and craft sets: Stationary, colouring and paint sets, and STEM and craft sets. Check out our top picks here.  
  • Toys and games: Board games, video games, fidgets, interactive pets and surprise toys.
  • Anything to keep them active: Trampoline, tumbling equipment like an AirTracks, roller blades, scooters and bikes.

If you are looking for other age-specific Christmas gifts, we’ve got our top picks coming up very soon! This includes:

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