Christmas 2023: 8 Christmas Presents Toddlers Will LOVE!


Skip the trip to Santa’s workshop and pick out a special gift for your toddler this year right here thanks to our annual Christmas gift guide for toddlers. We’ve done the research on the hottest Christmas presents toddlers will jump for joy over and have narrowed down our top picks for Christmas gifts for one to three-year-olds.

This is such a fun age to shop for and our fave Christmas gifts for toddlers include toys for water play, outdoor fun and quiet adventures inside. Let the Christmas shopping begin!

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

RRP: $229
Where to Buy: Step2 Direct Australia

Source: Supplied

Introduce your little ones to the joy and inspiration of rain with their very own Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table by Step2.  Engage all the senses as little hands get wet, ears capture the sounds of rainfall and eyes are stimulated by bright colours and intricate movements. What a fun activity!

Little ones will love using the side flipper to flip figures into the pond, plus the large bucket will help make scooping and pouring easy for little hands. The showering splashes mimic happy summer storms as little ones scoop up water from the pond, pour it into the top tray and watch the water activate maze-like spinners and ramps. 

The Rain Showers Splash Pond is made in the USA from local and imported parts and is an award-winning product focussed on child development. It comes with a 13-pc accessory kit and everything you need to rearrange the various mazes for endless cause-and-effect play.


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Babysteps Busy Board 

RRP: Starts at $49.99
Where to Buy: Babysteps

Source: Supplied

Busy Boards are the perfect learning toys for toddlers and a Christmas present toddlers will love year-round. With more than 10 activities, toddlers can develop fine motor skills, logical thinking and cognitive skills.

Busy boards contain different activities to keep children learning and engaged through play. Babysteps Busy Boards are just divine. Made of wood, they are built to last and be passed down to siblings for play. Every Busy Board is a bit different but most will include activities like shape sorting, latches and locks, and gear wheels.

In addition to Busy Boards, Babysteps also provide Montessori toys, Teepee tents, and other wooden Christmas presents toddlers will cherish for years to come. The Babysteps range focuses on open-ended play with multiple ways to play through learning. They also offer free shipping for orders over $99 and a peace of mind refund policy.


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‘My Cubby’ Cubby House

RRP: Started at $1,000
Where to Buy: My Cubby 

Source: Supplied

A cubby house is probably one of the most exciting Christmas gifts toddlers will receive and something they will use daily for years to come. Cubby Houses provide your little one with a space to call their own and unleash their imagination.

My Cubby, Australia’s premier supplier of bespoke cubby houses, has undergone a refresh and has an incredible range of cubby houses starting at under $1,000. Their cubbies are made from all Australian timber and products and are built to withstand Australian conditions. Tough, sturdy and sure to be the pièce de résistance in your backyard.

Choose from several styles and sizes, plus plenty of accessories to add to the fun, including slides, steering wheels and megaphones. There are also plenty of cubby houses to choose from, as well as customised cubbies to suit your specific space. All of their cubbies are bright, airy and ideal for all-year play.

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Cosy Up Toddler Gift Pack

RRP: $144.85 Now $115.88
Where to Buy: ergoPouch

Source: Supplied

Give them a cute Christmas present that will also help them with the big transition from a cot to a big bed, thanks to ergoPouch and their clever Toddler Gift Pack. This special gift just for toddlers includes a Sleep Suit Bag 1.0 TOG for them, plus a matching doll sleeping bag and toddler pillow and case. So cute!

The Sleep Suit Bag is designed for toddlers as they transition from a sleeping bag in the cot to moving legs freely in a big bed. The Sleep Suit Bag lets them zip up with their legs separated so they can still run and tumble before settling into bed. 1.0 TOG is the ideal option for comfortable summer sleep, too.

Pair with an organic toddler pillow (from 2y+) and encourage sleep through pretend play with the Doll Sleeping Bag. Having a special doll sleeping bag that matches their own sleep suit will be a huge hit! ergoPouch’s doll sleeping bag is designed for all teddies, dolls and plushies too! There are a few pretty designs to pick from, including Daisies, Ocean and Willow.

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smarTrike Xtend Ride-On

RRP: $299
Where to Buy: smartrike

Source: Supplied

One scooter to last them 10+ years? Yes, please! Meet the smartTrike Xtend Ride-on – transforming from a ride-on to a scooter that grows with your child up to 12 years!

The Xtend is quite possibly the smartest scooter we’ve ever come across, with a fantastic design and durable features, including an extendable footboard (the only scooter in the world to offer this), a detachable seat, and extendable handlebars.

The Xtend scooter features three stages designed to accompany children throughout childhood, including a Parent Mode ride-on where parents can push tots. Then, go from a ride-on to a scooter in seconds (no tools necessary) as you watch your little one’s confidence grow with every stage. The Xtend Ride-on also features light-up LED wheels, is quick-fold and has a removable seat for toddlers to hold their special belongings. But best of all, it will last your little one from 12 months to 12 years! 

SAVE: 15% OFF 

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Riababy Road Roller Cargo Walker or Sandstorm Cargo Walker

RRP: $169.99. Now $144.99
Where to Buy: Riababy

Source: Supplied

Give your toddler a walker they will cherish for life! Both the Road Roller and the Sandstorm are Christmas presents toddlers will love! They are simply divine and will provide hours of explorative play for your tot. Handcrafted with precision from A-grade solid wood, these walkers are as sturdy as they are stylish.

Choose from the Road Roller in radiant yellow or Sandstorm in a bright green, both painted with non-toxic water-based paints to ensure safety while captivating young eyes. Rounded corners have been thoughtfully designed to safeguard tiny hands from any scrapes.

But these walkers aren’t just walkers!  The adjustable handlebar with two height settings ensures that it grows with your child, providing support at every step. And the fun doesn’t stop there! The spacious storage compartment is a dream come true for every budding adventurer, allowing them to transport and play with their favourite toys on the go. What a unique gift for any transportation enthusiast or budding builder on your Christmas list!

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smarTrike STR7 stroller trike

RRP: $349 Now $279
Where to Buy: smarTrike

Source: Supplied

Take their love of exploration to new heights with the ingenious smarTrike STR7 – the most advanced stroller trike on the market that is designed to grow with your tot, from six months and up. This clever product transforms into six different stages, starting as a fully enclosed stroller/trike and ending as a fully independent trike.

There’s a lot to love about the STR7, including the effortless one-handed steering and shock absorbers to ensure a smooth ride. The STR7 is the only stroller-certified stroller-trike with six different stages, including parent mode, child mode, and several trike modes.

The parent-to-child mode allows kids to take control of the steering with just a press of a button, and you can easily swap between modes in seconds – no tools necessary! The STR7 also folds down for storage and transport, so take it anywhere with you – whether strolling in your backyard, driving to a park or away for the weekend. Trust us, your toddler is going to LOVE this stroller trike on Christmas day and every day!

SAVE: 15% OFF 

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Page and Pine Personalised Timber Height Chart

RRP: $89 – $108
Where to Buy: Page and Pine

Source: Supplied

If you’re after a memorable and meaningful Christmas gift for toddlers, then add this one to your list! Page and Pine’s Personalised Timber Height Chart is not only gorgeous but also allows you to track just how big your little one is getting!

Shaped as a puzzle, these Personalised Timber Height Charts are easy to stack and slot and look lovely in any room of the house. They are also Australian-designed and ideal for tracking the heights of siblings too.

We just love the simplistic design and personalised engraving. Choose from a few different phrases or customise your own. There are three different wood shades and various fonts to choose from, too. And, if you move house, you can bring this precious memory with you! The Height Charts are lightweight and easy to pack down, plus they are made from material sourced from responsibly managed forests. 


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More Christmas presents toddlers want 

Looking for some more Christmas gifts for infants and toddlers? There’s no shortage of fun choices! Anything for the beach is sure to be a hit, including swim goggles, swimsuits and, of course, sand toys. In fact, anything water-related is sure to go down well.

Educational toys, including puzzles, musical instruments, books, shape sorters and stacking toys are also ideal Christmas gifts for toddlers and can help improve their fine and gross motor skills. Toys such as trampoline, play equipment and pull-along toys that encourage movement are also great for active tots.

Check off everyone on your Christmas list this year with Mum Central’s Christmas gifts 2023. We’ve got our top Christmas gifts for every age and stage, from infants to adults, as well as budget-friendly gift guides, all coming very soon! This includes:

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