Christmas Countdown! Surprise the Kids With a December 1st Box

You’ve probably heard of a Christmas Eve Box before right? It’s a little gift box the kids open on Christmas Eve, filled with special little treats and surprises. Christmas PJs to wear for the night, perhaps a Christmas book to read before bed.

But what if there was a box of Christmas-themed fun that the kids could enjoy for the entire month of December? 

Well, now there is!

December 1st boxes
A box of merry fun for all! Source: Supplied

Enter the December 1st Box. 

Boxed with love and lots of festive fun! 

I’m not sure if this is a new thing, but I’ve just discovered this year. So, to me, it’s new. And it’s awesome! I recently put together three December 1st boxes for my trio of tiny terrors and cannot wait for them to open them! 

You can use any box at home to make your own December 1st Box but I opted for these extra fancy ones from The Reject Shop ($9 each).

I plan on reusing them for their Christmas Eve Boxes as well as a Christmas Adventure Box (such a cool Christmas gift idea and our most popular story to date). 

december 1st box
Boxed with heaps of surprises to enjoy all month long. Source: Supplied

What to put in a December 1st Box

In a nutshell? Anything festive and fun to keep the kids entertained for the entire month of December/start of school holidays and to help them get into the Christmas spirit.

Below are a few ideas. I didn’t add all of these things to our boxes (that would have been pretty expensive) but each one of my kids’ boxes contained about 7 Christmasy-items each, all from Kmart, Best & Less and The Reject Shop. The ideas I didn’t use for the December 1st Box will be saved for their Christmas Eve Boxes.

mum central

December 1st box
Source: Supplied
  • Paper and pens to write a letter to Santa – if they haven’t done so already
  • Advent calendars 
  • Christmas PJs – They can wear them more than just ONE night! 
  • Christmas underwear 
  • A Christmas T-shirt – Perfect for the end of year Christmas Concerts coming up next week! 
  • Christmas plates, mugs, cups or bowls 
  • A package of cookie mix for Christmas cookies 
  • Christmas cookie cutters
  • Christmas crafts – Kmart have heaps of fun ones! 
  • A cute ornament for the tree 
  • Stickers and Christmas colouring books
  • A small Christmas stuffed animal or toy
  • Christmas books to read through the month 
  • Christmas earrings and/or hair accessories 
mum central
Source: Supplied

I’m all about Christmas traditions so this little idea ticks all the right boxes in my eyes, especially as it gives the kids activities to do during December too. The more activities to keep them busy over the school holidays, the better for everyone! 

If you do love the idea of Christmas Boxes, get inspiration for your Christmas Eve Box here. And check out how to make a Christmas Adventure Box – filled with a once-a-month surprise the whole family will love.

More Christmas activities to take on board

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