50 Clutter-Free Christmas Gifts 2021- Clever Gift Ideas That Won’t Take Up Space!

Are you fresh from Marie Kondo-ing your home and can do without the stress of finding homes for a heaving pile of Christmas gifts? Or perhaps your kids already have a fully kitted out playroom and you don’t want to risk any more of their crap stuff leaking into all other areas of your home? Relax. We got you!

Here’s the ultimate list for gift-giving without having to worry about where the recipient is going to store it! PLUS there’s a bonus in giving clutter-free gifts like these below – shopping is SUPER EASY. There’s no waiting in line, no wasted paper on wrapping or sweating if your online order will get to you in time.


50+ Clutter-free Christmas Gifts 2021

Truth be told, these ideas aren’t JUST for Christmas, they’re great gift ideas for the whole year – so be sure to bookmark this post to refer back to for the minimalists in your life!

Give the Gift of an Experience

How fun is it to give an experience gift and mark the calendar for something you might not normally do?

  1. Spa gift card
  2. Concert tickets
  3. Movie/cinema pass
  4. Escape room voucher
  5. Putt-putt golf voucher
  6. Favourite restaurant gift card
  7. Tree-climb pass
  8. Play centre pass
  9. BOUNCE Gift of Flight digital multi pass
  10. Bowling tickets

Bumpers UP, bowling is fun for the whole family! S-T-R-I-K-E! via GIPHY

  1. Theme park multipass
  2. Massage voucher
  3. Waterpark or aquatic centre
  4. Scenic tours – ferry / boat / train
  5. Wine tasting package
  6. Spiritual experience
  7. Pop-up picnic
  8. Zoo or aquarium pass

No matter if you’re young or old, the zoo and aquarium are brilliant for a day out!  via GIPHY

Want to Learn? Gift some Awesome Classes!

Classes are a fantastic way to dip your toe in the water of something new – from sport to brewing, there’s a class for it.

  1. Art (pottery / plaster / paint and sip)
  2. Dance classes
  3. Swimming classes
  4. Martial arts classes
  5. Homebrewing/gin making classes
  6. Tennis coaching
  7. Gym membership
  8. A personal trainer (IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY LOL)
  9. Music/ instrument classes

Learn some spectacular botanical wizardry with a gin making class! via GIPHY

The Gift of Time

Ermagosh YES. How good is it to receive a gift that saves you time or promises time spent with a loved one?

  1. Date night / Girl’s night out
  2. Babysitting (this could go hand in hand with an experience voucher)
  3. Gardening / Jim’s Mowing
  4. House cleaner credit
  5. Car wash or car detailing voucher
  6. Hairdresser voucher
  7. Manicure/pedicure voucher
  8. Nappy service
  9. Chef in-home catering night
  10. Mobile dog wash voucher
  11. Dog walker service

No more guilt for those who are too busy to walk the dog! via GIPHY

Gifts For Eating and Drinking

Sign me up for an edible or drinkable gift EVERY TIME. Consumables are always fun!

  1. Whisky or gin subscription
  2. Starbucks card
  3. Fruit basket
  4. Chocolates
  5. Cookie or dessert box (bake your own!)
  6. Coffee bean subscription
  7. Fancy pants tea bags
  8. Grazing box
  9. Wine or spirits
  10. Meal subscription (Salad Servers Direct or Hello Fresh for example!)

Chocolate is ALWAYS well received, right? via GIPHY

Practical but Useful Gifts

They’re so discreet, you’ll barely notice they’re there!

  1. Disney+ subscription
  2. A Costco membership

Christmas Gifts 2021: Make a pact to make them clutter-free!

There’s something for the whole family in this mammoth list of clutter-free ideas for Christmas gifts 2021! And if someone on your list truly does not want a gift of any shape or kind, you can of course donate to a charity in the name of your recipient as a super special gesture. Everyone feels good with a present like that!

What one, two or three of these clutter-free Christmas gifts might find their way onto your Christmas list this year? I’m definitely going to be hinting hard for a spa voucher, gin classes and cooking classes I think! DO YOU HEAR THAT, SANTA?

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