13 Amazing Adult Christmas Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups

Christmas isn’t ALL about the kids (well mostly it is, but hey, there’s some fun to be had for the adults in the family too! Gift ideas for adults can be tricky territory but we’ve found several awesome finds for the grown-ups on your list. There’s something for everyone – the outdoorsy type, the foodie, heck even the one who loves to chill and watch TV. We’ve got them all covered!

13 Clever Adult Christmas Gift Ideas – Our Top Picks for 2021

We have Christmas gift ideas for all the adults on your gift list, starting at around $15 – score! Take a look at our top picks this year, shop straight from our guide and score some EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS along the way – all while ticking names off your list.

Tesalate Sand-Free Beach Towel

RRP: from $89
WHERE TO BUY: Tesalate
BEST FOR: Those who love sunny beach days

Tesalate Sand Free Towel
Source: Tesalate

How good is the beach, especially when you DON’T bring back half a tonne of sand in your beach towel?! Say goodbye to bringing home the beach with a Tesalate Sand-Free Beach Towel, the ultimate Christmas gift idea for beach-loving people!

Lightweight, compact, fast-drying and super absorbent, the Tesalate crew have mastered the sand-free beach towel! Experts in textile innovation, Tesalate’s Absorblite™ fabric is engineered to revolutionise the beach towel as we know it, creating an absolute game-changer sand-free, compact beach towel in its place. Choose from a regular beach towel size or XL (a towel built for two!), in a range of gorgeous colours too, these are a must-have for hitting the beach this summer, Tesalate is sand-free and full of Aussie style, making beach days even better!

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DermaGen by Botanical Chemist Father’s Gift Pack

RRP: $62.90
WHERE TO BUY: DermaGen by Botanical Chemist
BEST FOR: Dad’s who want to give their skin some love

Dermagen Men's Gift Pack
Source: Dermagen

The perfect skincare combo for the person who likes to be outdoors. Be it for work, sport or gardening, the DermaGen by Botanical Father’s Gift Pack contains the best selling Propolis Balm and is supported by the popular Skin Radiance Lotion. A dynamic duo for your skin!

Propolis Balm is a multipurpose balm and is excellent for cuts, grazes, inflamed skin conditions, sores, blisters and minor burns. It can even be used after shaving to prevent shaving rash. The formula soothes skin inflammation and itch, helping skin to heal. The Skin Radiance Lotion is just the ticket for reducing UV skin damage, supporting collagen and ceramide production, smoothing fine lines and giving your skin a beautiful, radiant boost. Get ready for great looking skin!


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The Neighbours Cellar Personalised Gift Boxes

RRP: from $39.95
WHERE TO BUY: The Neighbours Cellar
BEST FOR: Wine and gin lovers who deserve an epic treat

The Neighbours Cellar gift boxes
Source: The Neighbours Cellar

Let’s get merry, personalised plonk is where it’s at this Christmas for wine and spirit lovers! Turn that special bottle of red (or white or even gin) into something super special by personalising it, making it the most thoughtful gift of all.  Personalising a gift box is super easy too, It all starts with choosing a bottle of your favourite drop (there’s several to choose from) and selecting a label to fit the recipient’s style. Then simply add their name or message and upload a photo to add that special, unique touch to the bottle.  The Neighbours Cellar will make a fancy pants wine label, just for you too!

You can also add plenty of extras in with your wine or spirits bottle for a cracker of a gift – from hot sauces to chocolates and all the hand creams, pamper packs or candles in between. The Neighbours Cellar really do make personalised gifting SO very easy – and super special!


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Good Citizens Eyewear Sunglasses and Blue Light Blockers

RRP: From $99
WHERE TO BUY: Good Citizens Eyewear
BEST FOR: Hip adults who are down with being eco-conscious

Good Citizens Sunglasses
Source: Good Citizen

Designed and made in Sydney, Good Citizens takes discarded single-use plastic bottles and turn them into stylish, thoughtfully made, 100% recycled poppin’ eyewear for adults to enjoy. Great for your style and great for the environment, Good Citizens Eyewear modular glasses (that you can mix and match!) are the shades we all need!

The beauty of the modular mix and match system is that if you happen to break an arm, for example, you can replace it easily, rather than throwing away the whole set. Amazing! Choose from two classic frame styles and three colours – and also polarised or non-polarised quality lenses. You can even find prescription and blue light filtering lenses, an excellent Christmas gift idea for people who spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Good Citizens Eyewear is not only customisable and fixable, each pair is carbon negative and every sale helps fund the removal of trash from our oceans – so look at these as a gift for a loved one AND the planet. The future is bright!

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Dermagen by Botanical Chemist Mother & Baby Gift Pack

RRP: $94.90
WHERE TO BUY: Dermagen by Botanical Chemist
BEST FOR: Mum and baby who want the most from their skincare

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Source: Dermagen

Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for a special mum and bub in your life? This is the perfect skincare gift pack for them – their baby-soft skin will thank you!

So what’s in it? Active 8 Serum: awesome for keeping skin hydrated, calm and beautifully nourished. The serum soothes irritated skin, refines texture and even helps diminish pimples! Manuka Oil Cream: able to be used by both mum or bub, this easily absorbed lightweight cream is fab for mild eczema symptoms, minor dermatitis and minor pimples. A fabulous all-rounder!

You’ll also get a Manuka Oil Balm, a real hero product in combatting minor cuts, grazes, dry skin, nappy rash and dribble rash, decreasing inflammation and soothing itchy, irritated skin! For babies aged under 6 months, the balm can be mixed 50:50 with Sudocrem or Zinc Oxide for an extra soothing barrier. You can also find DermaGen by Botanical Chemist at selected pharmacies. Sweet!

Free express delivery for orders over $90 in Australia

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Fetch TV Set Top Box

RRP: from $169.99
Adults wanting to make the most of their TV time

Fetch TV
Source: Fetch TV

Fancy having ALL of your favourite entertainment in ONE easy to find spot? You can do just that with Fetch! Fetch combines Free TV, Catch-Up, premium channels, streaming apps, and movies all in one place with universal voice search so it’s easy to find and start watching, all from one super simple menu.

Choose from three different set-top box options: Fetch Mini, Fetch Mini 4K and Fetch Mighty. PLUS, there’s a Fetch Voice Remote! On all box options, users can access free to air TV, subscribe to premium channel packs and access their streaming apps like Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video and more. Plus you can also access YouTube, Sport, Catch-up apps, buy the latest shows, even buy or rent movies, all in one place with ONE remote. No matter your Fetch box choice, users can spend less time searching across different services and more time watching fave shows – or heating up the popcorn. Forget the frustration of navigating your smart TV, Fetch is all your entertainment, easy!

Offer ends December 12, 2021.

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Original Happy Hair Brush

RRP: $39.95
WHERE TO BUY: Happy Hair Brush
BEST FOR: Those wanting to tame their mane!

Happy Hair Brush
Source: Happy Hair

It’s the ultimate brush to tame a mum-bun into a slick up-do, manage fine-hair flyaways or take on a crowning glory of bouncy curls with ease. The Original Happy Hair Brush makes light and comfy work of brushing your mane!

The Original Happy Hair Brush is super clever in that it incorporates a mix of FIVE (yes, five!) different hairbrushes and combs styles into one. It has a curved, solid (non-flexible) head so that it can deal with the toughest of hair (curly, straight, wet, dry, coarse, fine… all the hair!) while protecting the most sensitive of heads. PLUS, it’s available in several stunning colours, so you really can take your pick of the Happy Hair bunch. Happy hair even offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t love it, that speaks volumes about how good it really is!


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Dermagen by Botanical Chemist Mother’s Gift Pack

RRP: $90
WHERE TO BUY: DermaGen by Botanical Chemist
Those wanting spa facial goodness at home

Dermagen Mum's Gift Pack
Source: Dermagen

Feel like you’ve had a gorgeous spa experience from the comfort of your own home with this gorgeous, sweet-smelling and ultra-nourishing gift pack from Dermagen by Botanical Chemist.

This sweet gift pack includes Kakadu Plum Day Cream, a light, easily absorbed moisturising and calming day cream packed with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It delivers big on soothing hydration and replenishing skin’s moisture, great for thirsty skin! Kakadu Plum extract has the highest natural source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 is great for healthy skin! The Rose and Argan Oil Serum is a rich, hydrating serum reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin tone, hydrating and improving skin elasticity. Talk about a power serum – all while smelling of Damask Rose, amazing!

Free express delivery for orders over $90 in Australia

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Chocolab Creation Lab Personalised Chocolate

RRP: from $15.40
WHERE TO BUY: Chocolab
BEST FOR: Chocolate lovers!

Chocolate gift packs
Source: Chocolab

Send personalised and delicious chocolate to someone this year for one of the most fun and delicious Christmas gift ideas getting around this festive season!

Chocolab Creation Lab allows you to design the ultimate chocolate gift for the sweet tooth in your life, right here online! Using premium ingredients, you can create a white, milk or dark chocolate gift (block, pizza shape or heart, just to name a tasty few) and then get busy adding your delicious add-ins. From fruit and nuts to biscuits and lollies, you’ll find the ultimate pick and mix on offer for your special creation at Chocolab.  You can even add a personalised edible message or image – YUM! And when your design is done, Chocolab will ship your tasty gift anywhere around Australia for you. What more could you want for Christmas?!


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Maison Mabé Pregnancy Necklaces

RRP: from $115
WHERE TO BUY: Maison Mabé
BEST FOR: Mums and pregnant mums

Maison Mabe
Source: Maison Mabé

A unique and special gift for any new mama-to-be, a Maison Mabé Harmony Ball Necklace is a chiming pendant that gently rolls over the mum’s belly with each of her movements. The soft melody encourages mindfulness and relaxation. Each harmony necklace comes with a series of exercises to help further blissful relaxation.

Made in France, Maison Mabé has many stunning pregnancy necklace styles to choose from, available in silver, gold or rose gold. A gorgeous momento gift once the baby is born, the pendant can even be sewn into one of Maison Mabé’s comforters. Amazing!

SAVE 50% OFF  comforter purchases with any necklace purchase
Valid 22 - 30 November, 2021


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BCF The Great Northern Brewing Co. Poly Icebox 25L

RRP: $149.99
BEST FOR: Adults who love to be out and about

Great Northern Esky
Source: BCF

An esky that holds a carton of cans, no worries? BCF has you covered and cool as a cucumber with The Great Northern Brewing Co. Poly Icebox keeping 40 cans cold, with ease. Perfect to take on picnics with the family or out camping with mates, it’s easy to carry with its handy side handles. Or, if you’re on the move, sling it over the shoulder with the shoulder strap – sweet!

Insulated foam keeps everything chilly and is lightweight, taking the heavy lifting out of carrying your bevvies around while you’re on the go. And of course, if a Great Northern is your brew of choice, is there really any other option for keeping them cool? I think not.

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Journey of Something 500 & 1000 Piece Puzzles

RRP: from $45
WHERE TO BUY: Journey of Something
BEST FOR: Adults looking for relaxing and screen-free fun!

Journey of Something Puzzle
Source: Journey of Something

The perfect screen-free Christmas holiday activity for adults, how about a fancy pants puzzle? Forget sitting in front of a screen for entertainment for a bit and instead claim the family table as your own while you nut out a magnificent designer puzzle from Journey of Something. Once you’re done, frame your bougie puzzle masterpiece and hang it so you can feel smug whenever you look at it! There are several gorgeous designs to choose from, all made from premium quality materials. A gift idea for adults that beckons relaxation!

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Step One Trunks and Boxers

RRP: $19.95
BEST FOR: All the blokes in the family

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Source: Step One

Fellas can never have enough jocks right? RIGHT. So why not make them life-changing jocks? Step One trunks and boxers are a complete gamechanger for your bloke’s undies drawer. Their snug, sling like-fit is brilliant for those who suffer from chafing, thanks to the UltraGlyde panels. Their ‘bits’ stay in place like a gentle hug – no wedgies or leg creep AND the super soft bamboo fabric alow your guy’s bits to breathe and not be a sweaty ball pit (so to speak). Once you go Step One, you won’t go back!

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So there you have it folks, a Santa sack full of Christmas gift ideas – and in particular, gifts for adults on our lists! We hope you find one, two, three or more amazing gifts to suit those on your naughty and nice list this year.

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