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DIY Raffia Wall Decor For Under $50. SCORE!


I love when you become accidentally ace at crafting, who even knew such boho decor brilliance could be achieved for well under $50 while sitting in front of the tv? Not me! We give you DIY raffia wall decor for the WIN!

Keira Rumble, social media goddess and CEO of Krumbled Bites recently teamed up with Bunnings for a little DIY know-how and boy, she didn’t disappoint with this ridiculously simple, yet completely show-off worthy project.

DIY raffia wall decor
See this wall decor? Totally MADE THEM. Source: Instagram

Unravel the raffia and let’s go!

Many boutique stores are selling similar raffia wall hangings for a helluva lot of money. And Keira is having NONE OF IT.

This lass shares with her audience how you can hightail it to Spotlight to pick yourself up a few craft rings, followed by a quick jaunt to Bunnings for raffia rope and you’re well on your way to becoming a DIY guru. Don’t forget the 3M hooks to hang them. And you may as well grab a sausage and drink while you’re there.

Even with lunch in hand, you’ll still come out with change from $50!

Got the goods, now what?

Now it’s time to attach the raffia to the rings! Watch Keira’s DIY highlight on her Instagram profile for tips and tricks on how she actually makes the slip knot to attach to the ring.

DIY raffia wall decor
Watch Keira’s Instagram story highlight here to see how she knots her raffia.

TIP: For a more organic (messier) look, vary your lengths of raffia. For a tidier look, keep the raffia lengths all the same when cutting them. Alternatively, give the finished rings a hair cut afterwards!

DIY raffia wall decor
Thread, knot, repeat. Source: Instagram

It’s apparently so easy, Keira comments on her Insta post she caught up with watching all the Schitt’s Creek happenings while making them so, OBVS EASY.

DIY raffia wall decor
Source: Instagram

Keira captions her Instagram post with:

So turns out I’ve become a DIY’er in 2020 and I’m not mad about it 🤣💁🏼‍♀️ After I built this bedhead, I decided that I needed something to hang above it.

I kept on seeing similar wall hangings going for a cool $180+ each. These hangings cost me $9-11 each, they were so easy to make (check out my story highlights under DIY) and I did them while kicking back and watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

Better yet, all you need is 3 things, raffia + little 3m hooks both found at Bunnings and craft rings.

DIY raffia wall decor
So cool! AND FOR UNDER $50! Source: Instagram

And there you have it. Once you have your rings filled, attach your 3M hooks to the wall and arrange them. AMAZING! We love your work Keira and I for one, can’t wait to have a crack at some myself!

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