Costco Online Shopping About to Launch But You Must Do This First

US shopping giant Costco is becoming the latest retailer to turn to online shopping, making it even more convenient to save a packet buying big.  But Costco online shopping comes with a catch.

The global retailer has confirmed online shopping will launch from its website next month.

As with the buying protocol of the big-box retailer, shopping will only be available to Costco members who have registered for an online account.  Registration is easy, simply apply online in a few simple steps.

Not only more convenient, Costco online shopping is also going to be a little pricier given consumers will have to factor in shipping costs on items, which will be slightly higher than in store.

Say goodbye to oversized trolleys and hello to the comfort of online shopping at Costco

Save more than just time and money

We know just how easy it is to save a packet when shopping at Costco so we’re pretty sure it’ll all balance out at the end of the day. Plus, they’re promising us that they’ll be stocking a range of exclusive products that you won’t find in store … even more reason to register and see what tickles your fancy.  Because you know as well as I do, rarely do you walk out of Costco with ONLY the products that you walked in there prepared to buy!

Costco launches online shopping store in Australia

Costco has revealed it will challenge other retailers to help make shopping more convenient. The big box store is launching online shopping and delivery available from its website later this month. Only Costco members will be eligible for the offer by registering for an online account. Shipping costs will be inlcuded in the online prices which will be slightly different than in store. More Info: #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Tuesday, February 11, 2020


“We’re thrilled to share that online shopping is coming to Australia soon!” the wholesaler says on its website.

“Just like shopping at the warehouse, this service will be available exclusively to our members.”

Register to get on the list

Once members register, they will be advised when the site is live for online shopping in their area.  Currently only Melbourne business customers qualify for delivery within a 20km radius of their Docklands warehouse.

With 12 warehouses across Australia – four in Victoria, three in NSW, two in Queensland and one in South Australia, ACT, and Western Australia, we’re sure this is going to take the online shopping world by storm and we can’t wait to see what deals we nab!

So tell us in the comments below, what’s been some of the best (and worst) products you’ve ever bought and most importantly, what are the products you can’t go without!

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