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Two-Year-Old Stuns the World with Claim She’s Been Alive Before


Kids say the darndest things, right? Well, one little girl is sending some serious spine-chilling vibes our way after boldly telling her mum that she’s been alive before and is actually her great-great-grandmother reincarnated.

The mother captured the whole thing on video and promptly uploaded it to TikTok with over 1.8 million people seeing the video.

‘That me’ 

It all started one day when two-year-old Ella discovered an old photo in the living room. It was one the toddler had never seen before and featured two women, an older mother and a grown-up daughter. The photo was black and white in a frame and is clearly quite old.

@gi_gi216 my two year old found a picture of my grandma and great grandmother. She is saying she is my great grandmother… #reincarnation #creepy ♬ Harry Potter Theme Song – Ost

Ella took the photo up to her mum and announced in her cute but matter-of-fact toddler tone: “That me … that me,.”

Her mum asks her to explain and Ella says, “This grandma and me,” before pointing to “herself” in the photo.

As @gi_gi216 explained in the comments, Ella had never actually seen this particular photo before which is a photo of gi_gi216’s grandma and great-grandmother, which would be Ella’s great-grandma and great-great-grandma.

In fact, no one had told her who the two women even were before she started pointing them out.

Ella also shared her revelation with gi-gi216’s own mum, showing her grandma the photo and saying the same thing.

My daughter told my mom the same thing except, ‘This is Mommy’s grandma and me.’ I NEVER said it was Grandma or explained who either person was to her.”

And, let’s be honest, a toddler isn’t normally that great with identifying extended family – grandparents and great-grandparents can be tricky but somehow, she gets it right.

‘Almost fell off my chair’

The video opened up a whole can of creepy worms in the comments section with other parents sharing similar stories.

“My son is my mother,” one person claimed. “One day he called me ‘Doll Baby’. I almost fell off my chair … she’s been dead for 10 years. NO ONE knows she called me that!”

“My daughter is 5 and she told me she was a mom with two little girls, but she died,” another person shared. “My mom died in 2000 and left me and my sister.”

“When my daughter was 3.5, she told me about her husband who died in an avalanche on his way home to my great-grandparents’ for Christmas,” another user shared.

Of course, there were also plenty of people who believed the toddler was making the whole thing up or simply using her imagination.

Whatever the case, it got us thinking about whether anyone else has ever had something creepy like this happen to them? Has your child ever shocked you with something they’ve said or something they’ve claimed to have seen?

Share your own story in the comments below!

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