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KID TESTERS WANTED: Help Us Crown the Best Sensory Sand on the Market

Sensory sand is a must for every family’s activity cupboard and transforms regular play into a sensory sensation! If you’ve ever played with it before you know it’s squeezable, squishy, memorising and magical!

kinetic-sand-in-motion - sensory sand fun
Sand in motion, this is not your normal beachside sand. Source: Supplied

We’ve shared our readers’ love of sensory sand in the past, but have you ever wondered if all sand brands are the same. How do popular brands, such as Kinetic Sand, compare to some of the other sand products and sensory sand sets on the market?

Are the imitation brands just as soft, just as squeezy, just as easy to clean up?

That’s what we’d like to find out – and we need YOU to join us as we put it to the ultimate test!

If you’re a family with kids aged between 4-10 years, who love to be the star of the show, then this reader trial has your (and their) name ALL over it!

kinetic sand sensory sand play
It’s sensory fun and imaginative play all in one! Source: Supplied

Which brand will be crowned Best Sensory Sand? Help us find out!

If your family’s selected to participate, you will receive a fab sensory sand bundle featuring a selection of Kinetic Sand plus other sensory sand products to play with too. Open, play, explore and let us know what you think of each brand.

Compare the brands and see what you think.  Can you notice any differences?  We’re after honest feedback to help us determine (and crown) the best sensory sand on the market! 

Check out the details of this sandtastic reader trial below and apply to become one of our family reviewers! 

But first, let’s take a closer look at the sandy goods!

So soft, so satisfying! 

Sensory sand is a popular gift idea and sensory toy for children 3+. It’s made with natural sand, is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and magically sticks together and cleans up easily.

  • Play over and over again:  Simply pack it up, keep it sealed and bring it out whenever.
kinetic sand sensory sand
Captivating and mesmerising, the fluid motion is quite spectacular. Source: Supplied
  • Let it flow: Discover how the sand flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid but without the sandy mess. So satisfying!
  • Stimulate their imaginations: There are a lot of different sensory sand brands out there and plenty of them have different sets to play with. Kinetic Sand, for example, Bulk Sand, Sand Boxes, Treasure and Dinosaur Hunts and Construction Sets – all designed to stimulate the senses and ignite imaginative play.
sensory sand playsets
Source: Supplied

The sensory sand experience 

What sand kits will your family receive?

Part of the fun of this trial is it’s all a bit of a surprise! But we can assure you, that every family will receive over $100 worth of Kinetic Sand products (and at least FOUR Kinetic Sand sets).

Every family will also get a competitor’s product (again, this is a surprise).

Kinetic Sand sensory sand kits
Such a fun and exciting range of sensory sand from Kinetic Sand. Source: Supplied

As a reviewer, you could receive: 

Slice N’ Surprise

This is one of the newest Kinetic Sand surprises on the market and looks like so much fun! It comes with everything you need to press, slice, carve and mould your sand into various shapes and surprises.

Kinetic Sand sensory sand kit
Source: Supplied

Construction Site 

This is another exciting Kinetic Sand product that the kids will dig! This construction-themed folding sandbox playset has everything you need to create your own construction site: 2lbs of brown Kinetic Sand, a dump truck, and a working crane with a wrecking ball and bucket attachments!

When you’re finished playing, pack everything inside the sandbox until next time, or take your Construction Site with you on the go!

Kinetic Sand sensory sand construction kit
Source: Supplied

Hidden Treasure

Another great surprise set, perfect for little pirates, is the clever Buried Treasure Set. Use the key hidden on the bottom of the playset to unlock your treasure chest and search through the chest full of sand to find the coins. So cute! The treasure chest makes a perfect compartment to store the sand and treasure for play over and over again.

Kinetic Sand sensory sand treasure chest
Source: Supplied

Sandbox Set

If your kids love building sandcastles at the beach, then this sand set will be a huge splash! It comes with tons of moulding tools – crabs, turtles, castles, plus a shovel to dig, scoop and flow. It also comes with a handy sandbox tray to keep the mess contained.

Kinetic Sand sensory sand packs
Source: Supplied

We’ve shared our love of the popular Sandbox Set in the past – you can read our review here!

Kinetic Sand sensory sand play kit
Source: Supplied

Some of our reviewers will also receive extra bags of Kinetic Sand to discover as well as the Kinetic Sand Castle Container which is great for making extra big castles!

You can check out the full range of Kinetic Sand and buy it at Kmart, Big W and Target. 

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Are you our next Sensory Sand family? You could be!

What our reviewers will need to do: 

  1. PLAY! Build castles, roads, treats and create shapes. Mould the sand into anything you’d like and discover just how soft and satisfying it is.
  2. PLAY AGAIN! This time with the competitor’s product. Make sure you note the differences between the two!
  3. TAKE PICS: Snap some shots of the product when it arrives, in and out of the box and while your kiddies (and you) play. Take pics of your creations and the mesmerising sand in action!
  4. RECORD A VIDEO: Get the camera ready and share your thoughts on the product – we’d love to hear what your kids think too.
  5. FILL OUT A SURVEY: Share your thoughts and rate your sandy experience.

Successful families will receive full step by step instructions – super easy and super fun all rolled into one!

Sensory sand creations

apply to review

Would you like to be part of this trial? We’d LOVE to hear from you!

We’re looking for FIVE families with children aged 4 to 10 to join us in this unique review opportunity. Simply fill in the form below to be part of the fun

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