Creepy Adelaide Mansion Sells for Over a Million, Wait ‘Til You See Inside

Five bedrooms. Two bathrooms. Three car garage. Pool. Massive plot. Even backing onto a creek. It’s every family’s dream house, located in leafy Magill, South Australia.

Or is it?

Woodeforde House mansion sells for over a million
A lovely piece of real estate. Source: Toops & Toops

So much ‘character’

This unique piece of real estate hit the market back in 2019. It was meant to go under the hammer but, alas, this lovely adobe didn’t sell until late 2020. And why not, you might ask?

What could possibly be wrong with the mansion, lovingly known as Woodeforde House?

Let’s take a virtual tour, shall we?

From the outside, it looks like a prime piece of real estate and a fine place to call home.

mum central

Just look at the exterior. A big pool. A lovely veranda. Sure, it’s a bit run-down, but the house is rich in family history and over 160 years old.

Woodeforde House, SA

Nothing a bit of landscaping and a trip to Bunnings can’t fix.

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Moving inside…. we notice the interior is a little bit off. A little Stephen King-ish.

woodeforde house mansion
Pretty sure those twins from The Shining may pop out at any time.

But, hey, you can always paint over the blood-red wallpaper, right? Nevermind that weird statue on top of the table. Nothing to see here.

mum central

See. Alice Cooper likes living on the walls.

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Lots of lovely bedrooms and places to explore.

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Let’s see what’s behind this door, shall we?

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Holy mother of haunted hell, DA FUK IS THIS??

mum central



Oh look, ALL my worst nightmares all in one place.

The haunting of Woodeforde House

And, this, my friends, is where we leave you.

High tail it out of Woodforde House.

Never to return again.

Bye, Felicia.

Stuff the pool, three-car garage and massive yard.

So what if it’s got its own cellar and is nestled in the woods. No one will hear you scream when the horned devil priest takes you alive.

mum central


As you can imagine, we weren’t the only ones. According to the original listing (the creepo photos have since been taken down but we found them over at Channel 7) for Woodeforde House, “scaredy cats” aren’t welcome at the property, with agent Paul Toop asking people to “leave the kids at home”.

What in the actual eff is going on at Woodeforde House?

Although it looks creepy AF, the last owners of the property simply had a mad paper-mache hobby and enjoyed antique-dealing and collecting.


What’s even more unbelievable, however, is that this quirky property sold for over 1 million dollars in the latter half of 2020. According to, the mansion sold for $1,190,000. Nice, Garry.

No mention on whether the assortment of haunted clowns and collection of paper-mache heads stayed or went…

We pray for the latter.

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