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Pregnancy Milestones – This Mum Documented Her Pregnancy with Crochet Fruit & Veg: WOW!

We’ve seen many beautiful ways in which mums-to-be journal their pregnancy from the simple week by week photos of a growing bump to belly casts and all the gorgeous milestone cards in between. But we’ve never seen a pregnancy documented with crochet – and boy, what a creative journey for this mama it was!

That’s right, if traditional cards for pregnancy milestones aren’t your thing, perhaps you could try your hand at crochet?

Cue the crochet creativeness!

To be fair, crochet is this mum’s jam. Her thing if you will. And she’s VERY good at it. Once wee little Carter was born, Kellie uploaded her crocheting pregnancy journey to her Instagram page, Pozzi’s Cuddle Creations to share with the world and jeepers, there’s more creativeness and glorious cuddly creations than what you can poke a crochet hook at.

crochet pregnancy milestones
A crochet farmer’s market haul or a basket of pregnancy milestones, either way – they sure are CUTE! Source: Instagram @pozziscudleecreations

Amigurumi – it’s Japanese for CUTE

These cute guys do actually have a proper name – amigurumi. It’s the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed yarn creatures. Who even knew? Creatives, that’s who.

As if growing a baby wasn’t enough of a task, this lady was whipping up mini fruit and veg each week. At the end of her pregnancy, Kellie had not only the most beautiful bub but also a gorgeous collection of crocheted delights, fit for an imaginary Farmer’s Market, as the most amazing of keepsakes for her and little baby Carter to look back on.

Kellie posted to her Instagram page along with her week 6 photo:

“My plan – to crochet the week by week size of a baby during pregnancy. Who’s pregnancy you may ask? Well, my own 😅. Now that our adorable little one is here in our arms, I can share each of these little fruits and veggies alongside my baby bump 🤰. So follow along to see these cute little creations as bumpy gets bigger! 🌱🌿🪴”

crochet pregnancy milestones
Source: Instagram @pozziscudleecreations

And that she did do. Cue the cuteness of crochet pregnancy milestones!

When your pregnancy milestones are peas, cantaloupe and cabbage, oh my!

Nailing the pregnancy milestones and journalling brief, Kellie uploaded the weekly photos of herself showcasing her crocheted item of the week which included every adorable fruit and vegetable you could think of – all while wearing the exact same dress and her gorgeous hair the same way and positively GLOWING.

It’s a fantastic way to see a beautiful baby bump grow. Each of Kellie’s photos is captioned with an equally clever fruit or vegetable pun, which provides a good chuckle as you flip from week to week.

“20 Weeks – We are totally Bananas over you!”

crochet pregnancy milestones
Source: Instagram @pozziscudleecreations

“26 Weeks – You are the Spring to my Onion and I love you Shal-lott.”

crochet pregnancy milestones
Source: Instagram @pozziscudleecreations

Of course on week 40, that gorgeous pic was accompanied with not only a super cute crocheted pumpkin but also a very much NOT crocheted baby – baby Carter arrived!

Kellie didn’t skip a beat though, she stuck to her consistency game still in the same dress and same hairstyle to get the shot to complete her series of stunning snaps. Nicely played, mama!

“40 Weeks – Let’s give everyone Pumpkin to talk about 🧡 There’s something that hits the soft spot about ending my week by week crochet fruit and vegetables but with Carter in my arms.”

crochet pregnancy milestones
The sweetest combination there ever was, welcome baby Carter! Source: Instagram @pozziscudleecreations

See ALL Kellie’s weekly crochet pregnancy photos on Instagram

If you’re a fellow creative or perhaps just really enamoured with all things crochet, be sure to check out Kellie’s Instagram page Pozzi’s Cuddle Creations where she shares all of her weekly pics. You might just be inspired to do something similar yourself! Tell us, can you crochet?!

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