This Dad’s Fish Bowl Lampshade Birth Story Left Us in Fits of Laughter

The anticipation of a scheduled C-section is insane! You are literally counting down the hours until you will meet your new baby and playing the waiting game during the lead-up can be quite intense. 

One cheeky dad-to-be found a fun way to break the tension while they waited to head to the hospital. And boy, did it escalate quickly! 

The new dad shared the whole hilarious birth story in a post on Reddit,  Today I F—ed Up forum. 

Fish out of water

As he explains, his daughter was breach and wouldn’t turn so they opted for a planned C-section. However, as they were about to head to the hospital, the father decided to go for one last laugh. 

I picked up this fish bowl lampshade [that] we hadn’t yet put up onto my head because ‘we’re boldly going where neither of us have gone before.”

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* Insert dad-joke groan here. 

I just saw it on my way to the door and didn’t really think it through. I immediately regretted this decision when my giant ears, my nose and hair (got down to my a– length hair that was in a loose bun) ended up blocking my head in this thing and I couldn’t get it off.” 

With the clock ticking and the dad still stuck in a lampshade, they made the epic decision to head to hospital, fishbowl lampshade and all. 

I made the executive decision to not make the situation any more stressful than it should’ve been (too late) and to just drive to the hospital with this on my head and hope that someone at the hospital might have some idea what I should do.

As you can imagine, the car ride was a real mix bag of emotions for us all.”

‘Walk of shame with this bubble on my head’

So here we have an anxious mum-to-be, on the single most important day of her life. And beside her, her husband, stuck in a fish bowl bubble.  

The dad continues: 

We arrive. I do the walk of shame into the maternity ward with this bubble on my head holding my wife’s hand and there’s this older nurse who greeted us and I could see her dinner plate eyes just screaming “What the fuck?”

My wife jokingly said “….Yep! I’m having his baby!”

While his wife headed to the maternity ward, the fishbowl father was ushered into a different room where a nurse got the thing off his head with “some sort of lube/gel.”

Four hours later, their daughter arrived and she didn’t get to witness her dad with a fish bowl lampshade on his head. We SOOO wish she did though!

As the father writes,

It was really good fun in the end. Wouldn’t recommend it, but it definitely beats any other birth story I’ve heard AND broke the ice with most of the staff.” 

Welp, that’s one story to revisit on her 21st! Dads. You gotta love them. Even though they can be complete jackasses! 

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