Man Mistakingly Buys 27 Tesla Cars, Worth $84,000 Each

Online shopping. It sounds like a good idea in theory. Until the website glitches and you accidentally order an item more than once.

It happens to the best of us. Usually, we end up with a minor inconvenience – two punnets of strawberries instead of one or an extra set of sheets, for example.

But this poor bloke ended up with an extra 26 items in his shopping cart. And each item happened to be a brand new Tesla electric car.


‘We ordered 27 Teslas.  €52,000 [That’s $84,000 AUD] each, shit!’

A German man shared his dad’s error on Reddit thread, “Today I F*cked Up” and it gave us all a laugh.

As the user explains, the family decided they needed a new family car. They opted for the Tesla Model 3 for €52,000 and headed to the Tesla website to make the deal.

At around 9 p.m, [my dad] placed the order. “Order can’t be placed because of a payment issue” (or something along those lines) popped up, even though, everything was filled in correctly.

So, we tried again. Didn’t work. So we tried again and again. Nothing, no order placed, nothing happened. At around 11 p.m. he tried a last time. Success!

“Your order has been placed”.

All 27 of them.

All 27 times we tried to get through because it “didn’t work”, an order was placed but we got no notification. We only found out when logging in with our Tesla-Account on their website. We ordered 27 Teslas. 52k each, fuck.”

Fuck indeed.


Your total comes to 2.2 million dollars

We decided to do the maths on this massive mishap. 27 Tesla’s at €52,000 equals €1,404,000. In Aussie dollars, that’s a cool $2,294,445.60.


Tesla cars online shopping fail
Is that 27 Tesla cars in your garage or you just happy to see me?

Congratulations, you just bought a Tesla car! 27 of them, actually

Okay, so the logical thing to do is to cancel the order. But, even cancelling the order costs €100 per car, or €2,700 in total.

However, lucky for this family, Tesla understood the error and cancelled all 27 orders for free, without charging them the €2,700.

And what’s even better is now the family can hang shit on their dad’s head for ETERNITY.

Hey dad, remember when you bought millions of dollars worth of electric cars? That was fun. 

So, dad, I accidentally scratched the car. But, hey, it’s not like I have 26 more to drive. Oh, wait. 

So what did we learn today folks? Be patient when shopping online, unless you wanna end up with 2.2 million dollars worth of electric cars in your garage.

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