Dad Does the Grocery Shopping and It Goes Spectacularly Wrong

Have you ever sent your husband to the shops to pick up a couple of things? US mum Emilia Donaldson admits she doesn’t do it often. And, by the looks of what he picked up doing the weekly grocery shop, it’s easy to see why.

Share a laugh at this hopeless husband’s attempt at the grocery shopping.

Dad’s shop doesn’t end well. Unless you really like hamburger buns. 

When Emilia’s husband, Anders, offered to do the shopping, she jumped at the chance. She didn’t make him a list and assumed he would bring home the essentials – you know, like bread, pasta, meat, etc.

And what did he bring home?

ALL the bread, pasta, and meat. 

funny dad shop fail
You can never have enough pasta, right? Source: Facebook

Emilia shared a bunch of photos of her husband’s helpful shop on Facebook and we nearly spat out our coffee with laughter. Here’s his shop:

  • 18 different types of pasta including a mega-sized pack of spaghetti
  • 1 tin of pasta sauce to go with their lifetime supply of pasta
  • 5 packages of hamburger and hot dog rolls
  • Half the contents of the freezer section
  • Pretty much the entire deli section
  • TWO produce items – a small punnet of blueberries and two tomatoes
  • 5 lbs of tater tots

His grand total? $322.71. For pasta. And rolls. And tater tots.


Oh, but we are.

We’ve got the photos to prove it.

mum central

mum central

mum central

mum central

mum central

dad funny shopping fail
That’s a whole lotta tater tots! Source: Facebook

Hot dogs for life

Since sharing her husband’s shopping fail on Facebook, Emilia has received thousands and thousands of shares, comments, and likes from other wives in the same boat.

Ahh, men. What would we do without them? And the 18 different types of pasta they bring home.

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