Pimp My Presents – 13 Funky Christmas Wrapping Ideas

There are two types of wrapping people – those who wrap their gift loot hastily on Christmas Eve with nothing more than rolls of wrap and (hopefully enough) tape. And then there are those who wrap throughout December with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Personally, I start off with good intentions, collecting bits and bobs to use for wrapping but we ALL know I’m going to be holding my husband hostage in the walk-in robe on Christmas Eve while we wrap into the early hours of the morning.

Alas, it’s not too late guys. We CAN do better. We CAN be wrapping warriors.

Need some inspiration to spur you on? Check out these 13 Christmas wrapping ideas below – perfect for pimping your pressies!

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1. The Brown Paper Bag: Version 1

Don’t underestimate the power of a brown paper bag guys. It can conceal the most awkward of shaped gifts, it’s CHEAP AS CHIPS and can look super snazzy.

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Source: Instagram / dillidalliblog

2. The Brown Paper Bag: Version 2

Same deal as version 1, but this time let the kids decorate it. Soooooo cute!

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Source: Instagram / creativelyteachingfirst

3. Mini Baubles

Next time you’re coasting the Christmas decoration aisles, think PRESENTS, not TREE. Those little mini baubles are awesome for adding a bit of bling to your wrapping prowess.

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Source: Instagram / raven.vasquez

4. Tinsel Bows

Tinsel might be frowned upon by some circles but it’s a game-changer for present wrapping. PLUS there’s no fiddling with the perfect bow technique – just tie it on!

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Source: Instagram / everiyla

5. Dehydrated Fruit and Fresh Herbs

Not even joking – not just great for a glass of gin, dehydrated oranges are HUGE this week. If you don’t have a dehydrator, ask around, for sure there will be someone with one lurking in the back of a cupboard. (Alternatively, use your oven on a low heat for a few hours). Sprigs of rosemary are super cute too!

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Source: Instagram / jennnmills

6. Stamp it!

Make potato stamps and stamp brown paper. When done in an orderly, neat fashion it’s sleek. When done by the kids it’s kinder-chic and adorable. You choose your battle.

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Source: Instagram / my_best_laid_plans

7. Recycle Game Boards

Don’t throw those Scrabble tiles out, keep them for moments like this. Warning: don’t take letters from a brand new board game. It won’t end well.

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Source: Instagram / wonderingkatherine

8. So deer!

Have you ever seen a cuter reindeer? Sticks as antlers WITH BOWS. So cute!

Christmas wrapping ideas
Source: Instagram / aeiousgirls


9. Reusable Wrap

If the thought of all the paper waste leaves you a little frilly around the edges, using a hair scarf as the wrap is brilliant – and it adds to the gift!

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Source: Instagram / littlerowanredhead


10. Decorate It, Reindeer Style

Woolworths had these darling reindeer decorations last year and they’re perfect for gift tags and tying serviettes. They’re likely to have similar this year so take a look when grabbing milk next.

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Source: Instagram / bundleandtwine


11. Make it Fun!

Head to the craft and stationery aisles for some out of the box decorating ideas. I LOVE these pom poms! So fluffy, so fun!

Christmas wrapping ideas
Source: Instagram / casakiro


12. Wrap with Snacks

This is fun and festive – use a gingerbread man template to add dimension to gifts and have them holding a candy cane. YUM!

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Source: Instagram / lisagriffith


13. Print Your Own!

Of course, you can just print out some cute tags on your home printer for a touch of fun. Head to your newsagent for cardstock and get busy printing!

Christmas wrapping ideas
Source: Instagram / oliveandeveco


Top Wrapping Tips:

  • You can TOTALLY use things around the house!
  • Use fabric sacks/teatowels/hair scarves to wrap your gifts in a reusable style. So cool!
  • Recycle boxes into gift boxes. Cover in wrap or paint to pretty them up.
  • Use sticks, foliage, gum nuts, seed pods, flowers and dehydrated fruit to embellish your wrapping. Take a look at what’s around your yard that can be used.
  • Reuse ribbons!
  • Do you have little toys or supermarket collectibles destined for the bin? Could they be spray painted and used as gift tags? Gold dinosaurs and farm animals could be super cute.
  • If you’re buying wrapping paper, consider buying a print that can be used all year for other gifts too. A roll of white paper and kraft brown paper are my go-to choices!

Happy wrapping folks!

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