10 DIY Christmas Decorations: Quick & Easy Ornament Hacks


It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us! Are you looking to make some DIY Christmas decorations yourself, but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money?

Take a look at these easy and simple Christmas decorations you can make at home this year, using items you most likely have around the house. You can even include your little ones in some of the fun and make an evening out of it.

Simple DIY Christmas Decorations to Try This Holiday Season

Cardboard Gingerbread Houses

DIY Christmas Decorations - Gingerbread House Bunting
Source: Hometalk and DIY Village

You know all those cardboard boxes from your many holiday deliveries? Well, you don’t have to worry about getting rid of them.

You can recycle them by cutting them into gingerbread houses for an adorable gingerbread village, gingerbread house garland, ornaments, or even gift tags.

Simply make the outlines with white chalkboard marker, white puffy paint, or white acrylic paint.

Add twinkle lights behind the houses for a magical glow or tie a ribbon that goes with your décor for cute Christmas tree ornaments or garland. You can find the full instructions at Hometalk. 

Sparkly Tinsel Tassels

DIY Christmas Decorations - Tinsel for the Tree
Source: A Mighty Girl

A modern take on the tinsel-covered trees of a bygone era is to make cute sparkly tinsel tassels.

All you need is some tinsel packages, craft wire or ornament hooks, and scissors.

Get ready for your tree to shine. Thanks to A Mighty Girl for this easy DIY Christmas decoration idea!

Paper Bag Stars or Snowflakes

DIY Christmas Decorations - Paper Bag Stars
Source: Cuckoo4Design

These brown paper bag stars from Cuckoo4Design and snowflakes are so easy, whimsical, and affordable that you’ll want to make a bunch of them!

I love the rustic look of the brown paper bags and the idea of hanging these in different shapes along with twinkle lights is just too magical to pass up.

Have fun and get the kiddos involved!

Dry Orange Slices

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Orange Bunting
Source: Homemade Heather

Continuing with the rustic look, dried citrus slices are a great way to decorate your home for the holidays.

You can make a simple garland with string or add cranberries, wooden beads, cinnamon sticks, or tree trimmings for a more festive look.

You can also make them into unique ornaments or add them to presents in place of a ribbon bow. Find the full instructions at Homemade Heather. 

Natural Stocking Display

DIY Christmas Decorations - No Mantle Stocking Hanger
Source: A Small Town Fashionista

No fireplace? No problem with this DIY Christmas decoration!

Simply take a tree branch long enough to hang as many stockings as you need. Tie a string or ribbon to each end and hang it on your wall.

Leave the branch bare for a minimalist look or decorate with ribbons, greenery, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, or candy canes to fit your Christmas theme. Instructions at A Small Town Fashionista. 

Santa Hat Door Hanging

DIY Christmas Decorations Hanging Santa Hat
source: Flickr

How fun is this one? And it’s affordable too!

Take a Santa hat, flip it upside down, stuff it with paper, or place a small basket in it and add colourful ornaments, flowers, and greenery for a customized, festive look. Thanks to The Sphors Are Multiplying on Flickr for the cool photos. Instructions can be found at Slowly Faded Treasures. 

Santa Hat Garland

DIY Christmas Santa Hat Bunting
Image source: Toys Ace

Continuing with the Santa hat theme, take several Santa hats and connect them to make a fun garland.

Don’t have Santa hats? Take some red felt and cut it into triangles in the size of your choosing. Cut white felt into strips for the trim and add white pompoms at the top of the hat.

Pop some popcorn and put on a holiday movie to make this a fun activity to do with your kiddos.

Turn Any Door Into a Present

DIY Christmas Decorations - Bows for your home
Source: Studio DIY

Want a holiday look with minimal effort? Take some extra wide ribbon and wrap it around your front door, bedroom doors, and even your kitchen cabinets.

Easy Rosemary Wreaths Place Holders

DIY Christmas Place Settings
Source: Spoon Fork Bacon

I’m loving this idea! Especially because there are no expert crafting skills required to make these super simple and cute little placeholders.

Just take long rosemary sprigs, shape them into a circle, and tie them with festive ribbon, or twine if you’re going for a rustic look.

Print or handwrite some name tags and attach them to complete these cute aromatic wreaths. Full instructions at Spoon Fork Bacon. 

Holiday Potpourri Simmering Kit Gift

DIY Christmas Potpourri
Source: Etsy

Looking for a simple, affordable, do-it-yourself gift?

Make your bunch of holiday potpourri simmering kits to hand out to loved ones or unexpected guests.

The best part is that it can be customised. Add some dried orange slices, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and some rosemary. Print out a cute, festive label and you are ready to go. We found these on Etsy but you can easily DIY.

More Christmas Fun? December 1st and Christmas Eve Box

Most people open their presents on Christmas morning. Why not add a little fun and whimsy by gifting something meant to be opened and enjoyed on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve Box
Source: Supplied

The best part is that this gift can be customizable for kiddos, families, adults, and even your own family for a new tradition.

One year, I put together some Christmas Eve boxes for several young families I know. I included cozy socks, snacks, a Christmas ornament, a film, and a book. They were a hit!

Another fun option is a December 1st Box which includes fun Christmasy things to keep them entertained throughout December (an advent calendar, a few crafts, a few ornaments for the tree, etc).

December 1st Box - Christmas Hacks and Crafts
A great addition to the bottom of your tree before Santa comes. Source: Supplied

Have fun!

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