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Mum Builds Stunning DIY Dining Table with 2 Bunnings Products and Ignites the Internet

Prepare to have your socks knocked off by this DIY mum! We’re not letting current COVID restrictions get in the way of PLANNING our next soiree with family and friends, I mean take a look at the size of this beauty!!

Mum’s DIY table blows up the internet

From the table itself to the flowers and candlelit ambience, Tash DID IT ALL. And now I’m most definitely excited for a Christmas lunch with my loved ones (fingers crossed). Just as soon as I work out how to fit these lengths of acacia in the back of my Mazda.


DIY table

There’s no exaggeration here, when Tash posted her 18-seater table creation in the popular Facebook group, Bunnings Mums Australia.  There were the questions, gasps, friends were tagged and reactions came thick and fast. Current count being 1.8K reactions and 301 comments after just several hours. Safe to say, we’re all VERY impressed.

DIY dining table
I mean, LOOK AT IT. Source: Tash Fee

On with the details.

Tash says she used four panels of Acacia Solid Oiled Hardwood Project Panels ($99 each from Bunnings) and Taskmaster Hairpin Steel Table Legs ($20 each from Bunnings).

“These are Bunnings’ legs, I wanted skinny legs so more comfortable and more legroom for people to sit at the table”

Now while Tash has made her table extra long and extra wide for 18 guests, you really can make the table any length or width you like. Tash explains in the comments on her Facebook post that the table is structurally sound, that the panels are braced underneath with stainless steel plates and For the legs, I just screwed them straight into the timber in each corner and one in the middle for additional support.”

Tash really has thought of everything by further explaining that if you use countersunk threads for the legs, you can screw them on and off for easier storage. GENIUS.

But wait there’s more..

The dazzling didn’t stop with the table, we were mighty impressed by the floral arrangement which cleverly hides the join of the acacia panels. Tash says:

“Proteas are obviously fake and got them from Early Settler. The Banksia are real and came from a tree!! Lol, I just blended the two and put some little coppers lights amongst them and ran the lights down the centre of the table to create the effect.”

And what an effect she created, right?!

DIY dining table
A table you could sit, eat, drink and laugh at all night. Source: Tash Fee

Also, because I know someone will want to know – the dining chairs are also reportedly from Bunnings.

And the result? DREAMY.

DIY dining table
Even by candlelight, PERFECT. Source: Tash Fee

Tash, you’re an amazing DIYer and we’ll see you for dinner around your gorgeous new DIY dining table soon! I joke, kind of. I’m still here in Bunnings working out how to get mine home. 😉

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