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Kate Middleton Snaps Birthday Portrait of Prince George, a Sweet Nod to Prince Philip!

Hip hip hooray, it’s Prince George’s 8th birthday! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a brand new snap of Prince George ahead of his 8th birthday, with a subtle nod and tribute to late Prince Philip and we LOVE it. Ahhhh bless.

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating a toddler and now Prince George is turning eight years old today. One tradition we all love is Kate Middleton releasing her beautiful family photos for kids’ birthdays and holidays. Photos she’s taken herself.

The Duchess did exactly that with this portrait of their firstborn and third in line to the throne, Prince George, posting to their official Instagram account:

A subtle tribute to Prince Philip

Subtle it might be, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed, for this particular photograph, Prince George is sitting, candidly posing for his mum on the hood of a Landrover Defender. A vehicle so synonymous with the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

His beloved great-grandfather Prince Philip died only a few months ago, and was a Land Rover enthusiast. He was regularly seen driving Land Rovers and of course, the world saw the specially modified Land Rover Defender which the late Prince helped design, during his funeral. Such a special tribute.

Prince Philip
A younger Prince George with his late great-grandfather, Prince Philip. Source: Instagram

Prince George, just like any other kid. Sort of.

What else isn’t going unnoticed is just how much Prince George looks like he’s enjoying his childhood just like any other little boy. He’s not dressed up in a designer outfit for this snap, he’s sporting a £10 (AUD$18) John Lewis polo shirt. And we can imagine Kate saying “JUST KEEP CLEAN FOR A MINUTE!”. This, of course, was followed by a quick snap on the phone and released to play with Charlotte and Louis.

Prince George
We just love his sassy and cheeky nature. Happy birthday sweet boy! Source: Instagram

Sold out in a flash!

We just love that Kate chose to dress Prince George in a £10 shirt. Nothing expensive or too fancypants. Something every other English kid could potentially wear. Best of all we note that these shirts are made under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to help support sustainable cotton farming across the UK.

John Lewis polo
Sold out in a flash, Prince George’s £10 shirt at John Lewis. Source: John Lewis

A quick trip down memory lane

royal baby names
A little prince was born! Source: Instagram
Prince George first birthday
George’s first birthday saw him walking in dungarees and boots. Shux.
Prince George second birthday
George turns two! We can see why a second pregnancy was on the cards.
Excuse me while I go buy a dog and a picnic rug. Prince George turns THREE!
Prince George on his third birthday. Source: Instagram
Prince George fourth birthday portrait
Oh my heart. George turning four was the cutest thing ever. Source: Instagram
Prince George fifth birthday
So excited to be five-years-old! Source: Instagram
Prince George, child on grass
Prince George on his sixth birthday. Source: Instagram

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you Prince George, we hope your day is awesome and it involves some kind of Lego and cake. After all, what more could an eight-year-old want?!

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