One-Year-Old Dies After Being Accidentally Struck by Family Car at Home


Last Friday Townsville dad-of-three Ben Lambert was busy packing his car for a family holiday with his children – Axell, Summer and Alice, and wife, Maxine.

He jumped into the car to quickly drive to the shops, unaware that his youngest, one-year-old Alice, was behind the car.

Alice was accidentally hit. She was rushed to the Townsville University Hospital for treatment but sadly passed away before arriving.

Now, her heartbroken family is left without their little girl, who had only just started to walk and talk. She is described as “a vibrant beautiful girl with her big blue eyes and angelic smile [and] loved by all.”

Darling girl had just started walking and taking on her curiosity of the world around her. Her mum and dad are such devoted and loving parents to all 3 children and really make their little family such a desired unit of love.” 

Family friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of having to “do the most indescribable thing of burying their daughter.”

Our hearts break for Ben, Maxine and Alice’s older siblings and family. What a devastating accident.

One child is run over in their driveway every week in Australia

On average, seven Australian children are killed each year and 60 seriously injured after being hit or run over by a motor vehicle at home. Most of the children injured and killed are under five years of age.

What can we do to keep our children safer?

Below are some tips from My Licence SA.

  • Always supervise any children whenever you have to move a car. Hold their hand or hold them close to keep them safe.
  • If you’re the only adult at home and need to move a vehicle, even just a small distance, put children securely in the vehicle with you while you move it.
  • Encourage children to play in safer areas, away from the driveway and cars.
  • Limit a child’s access to the driveway. For example, use security doors, fencing or gates.
  • Be aware of your vehicle’s blind zones. Learn the best way to use the mirrors and any other reversing aids in your vehicle.

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