‘We Let Our Dog Choose Our Baby’s Gender’


Two tennis balls and one fur baby were all that was needed for an American couple to decide the gender of their child.

While most couples are not really able to choose their unborn baby’s gender, Texas couple, Serena and Jacob Cukjati explain that they had this option during the IVF process.

Charlie, choose our baby’s gender

The couple explains in a now-viral TikTok how they couldn’t decide between male and female embryos.

“Okay, so we haven’t been able to decide if we want to transfer a girl or a boy embryo first. We have two girls and one boy for those of you who are new,” said Serena Cukjati, 35, in the video.

Dog choses Baby's gender
Which tennis ball will Charlie choose? Source: TikTok

The couple decided to put the difficult decision in the paws of their pup, Charlie. They wrote BOY on one tennis ball and GIRL on the other one.

 “We’re going to throw them at the same time. Whichever one he brings back, that’s what we’re going to go with and it’s going to be final.” 

The pair film Jacob throwing the two balls while Charlie sprints toward them. The dog is seen going back and forth before finally selecting a ball.

@serenacukjati Charlie helped us pick which embryo to transfer first! 🥹🥰🐶🎾 #embryotransfer #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #genderrevealworld #genderrevealideas #genderreveals #embryotransferday ♬ original sound – Serena Cukjati

While the pair don’t reveal Charlie’s choice in the video, they do share a photo of Charlie looking adorable holding the tennis ball with a promise to update everyone after the transfer.

They have since shared another video announcing that the process was a success! They are pregnant… with a BOY! 

dog choses baby's gender
Source: TikTok

Baby boy on the way

The couple has been very open about their IVF journey and has shared that they turned to IVF after failing several times to conceive a child naturally.

“When we ended up in IVF, a lot of those surprises were taken from us as the process of IVF is much more about science than it is about chance,” Cukjati told The Post.

“We really wanted to find opportunities to add a little magic back into growing our family and we felt like including our dogs was the perfect idea since they are such a big part of our lives.”

Stage your own pet pregnancy reveal

While this is the first time we’ve seen a dog actually choose the gender of its human baby, we’ve shared plenty of adorable pregnancy reveals with pets as the central point. All you really need to pull off a pet pregnancy reveal is a willing pet, a board and a few clever props.

Check out a few of our faves below:

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I’m sure his human baby brother or sister will ADORE him though – those eyes!


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The Four Bears

Polar Bear looks pretty pleased!

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The Lab results… get it? 

pregnancy announcements
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Pretty in pink pet gender reveal 

The perfect amount of pink – love how even the flowers are pink.

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Gus is about to get a big surprise!

Will Gus be excited or choked?

pregnancy announcements
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