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Serena Williams’ Unexpected Gender Reveal Goes Above and Beyond

We have Serena’s husband, Alexis Ohanian to thank for 2023’s most suspenseful gender reveal.

Tennis legend Serena Williams and her husband announced they were expecting their second Bub back in May and earlier this week they took to social media to share their very surprising gender reveal which involved a yellow cake, a drone and plenty of blue and pink lights.

Serena and Alexis are already doting parents to five-year-old Olympia and the pair will be welcoming another baby GIRL to the family later this year. How exciting! 

The great reveal

Alexis pulled out all the stops, pranking his wife and five-year-old daughter before showcasing a sky-high drone gender reveal. The whole thing was uploaded to YouTube in a six-minute video that takes us behind the scenes of how the celebs celebrate baby showers/gender reveals. Spoiler alert – it’s as extra as ever. 

Watch it unfold in the video below

YouTube video

Serena starts the video explaining that “she’s team Pink”, wearing a pink and white skirt and admitting she’s unprepared if it turns out to be a boy.

She then takes us to the baby shower location which is adorned with a collection of rainbow balloons. There’s a flash mob, an epic pastel rainbow cake, plenty of family bonding, a dunk tank (why not?), food vans, more rainbows, and then the exciting reveal. 

Serena Williams Gender Reveal
Source: YouTube

The party which starts during the day escalates into the night as Alexis grabs the mic to ask Serena to cut the cake and reveal the gender of their second baby. Alexis then shares that it’s actually yellow inside as a way to prank his wife before showcasing the real gender reveal – which is WAY more spectacular than a cake reveal. 

Serena Williams Gender Reveal
Source: YouTube

Alexis pulls out the big guns with a high-tech drone show. The drones form the words “It’s a…” in the sky, and Serena and Olympia watch eagerly. Serena looks like she might kill her husband from the suspense but eventually, all is revealed – GIRL! 

gender reveal Serena Williams
Source: YouTube

Hooray! Congrats to the family! 

More gender reveal ideas

Gender reveals can be a really fun way to celebrate the new arrival but they aren’t for everyone. Many parents prefer not to find out the gender and many parents don’t believe in gender constraints. However, if you do love a good gender reveal, here are five cute ideas that are not over the top and won’t cost the earth. 

1. Balloons in a box

You’ve probably seen those big black gender reveal balloons which are fun but if you are looking for something a little bit different, why not a gender reveal balloon box? Lift the lid to reveal what colour balloons tell if a little boy or girl will be joining you soon!

gender reveal ideas
Source: Instagram

2. Pinata time

Want to build suspense? Try whacking a pinata filled with blue or pink confetti for a fun, stress-relieving, gender reveal idea! This is also a fantastic way to involve older kids – let them have a turn too! 

Gender reveal ideas
Source: Asos

3. Smoke cannons

We’ve seen extreme smoke gender reveal ideas (hello, coloured car exhaust smoke) but we suggest you err on the side of caution with a coloured smoke cannon or flare out in the open and get your camera ready – this is one of the popular gender reveal ideas that literally goes up in smoke!

Gender reveal ideas
Source: Instagram

4. Confetti cannon

If there’s no confetti, is it even a gender reveal? Buy one or two pretty confetti cannons for just the two of you or arm your guests with them and wait for the gender reveal bang!

gender reveal ideas
Source: Ginger Ray

 5. Scratch it!

Head to Etsy and get ready to scratch and surprise with gender-reveal scratch cards. One of the coolest gender reveal ideas getting around for friends or family who aren’t nearby, you can still surprise them with a card in the mail!

Gender reveal ideas
Source: Etsy

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