Perth Toddler Left in Critical Condition after Being Hit by a Car in Driveway Accident


We are sending little Fynn a world of prayers as he lies in Perth Children’s Hospital fighting for his life. The three-year-old was hit by a car in his Perth apartment block driveway.

His loving mum, Amy, was just meters away, watching her son play on the driveway. She and several other neighbours watched the driveway accident unfold, screaming for Fynn to get out of the way when they noticed a car approaching. 

‘I couldn’t get to him’

A Mitsubishi Outlander, driven by a 31-year-old male struck the little boy, leaving him with serious injuries to his leg and several skull fractures. Fynn is now in an induced coma and in critical condition.

UPDATE: Fynn’s mum Amy shared on Tuesday that Fynn is slowly coming out of induced coma and breathing on his own. 

“We are still assessing the recovery path ahead,” she wrote. 

The driver of the Outlander was uninjured. 

The horrific accident took place on Sunday afternoon around 3:45pm. Fynn, his mother, and several other neighbours were all chatting outside, enjoying the sunshine while Fynn played nearby.

Fynn’s heartbroken mum, Amy Salter, spoke to The West Australian about witnessing her son being hit. 

I was no more than 3m away … maybe two … and I still couldn’t even get to him by the time I saw this car.” 

perth driveway accident
Fynn and his mum, Amy. Source: Facebook

One witness, 12-year-old Lili Khaliqy told 7News that the car came “out of nowhere” and that they screamed for Fynn to get out of the way. 

The incident unfolded so quickly that no one had the chance to call out to the boy sooner or run over to whisk him out of the way. 

“There wasn’t enough time”

It looked really serious. Everyone was crying. I could see he was bleeding. It really scared me … I keep seeing it in my head,” Lili said.

Another neighbour, Anahita Fitter said the incident had left the street rattled driveway accident.

“This has been quite traumatic for everybody,” she told 7NEWS. “We were all so scared a child would be run over. This (was) just a tragedy waiting to happen. It’s devastating.”

The details surrounding the accident remain unclear but CCTV footage captured the moments after the crash when Fynn’s mum carried the injured boy to the neighbour’s front lawn for help. 

Police are urging anyone who may have seen the accident o may have dash cam footage to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report the information online at

Dash-cam or mobile phone vision relating to this crash can be uploaded directly to investigators here.

According to Kidsafe Victoria, on average, every year seven children aged 0-14 years are killed and 60 are seriously injured due to driveway run-over incidents in Australia.

GoFundMe account for Fynn and Amy

Friends of Fynn and Amy, who is a single mum, have set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the medical expenses. As explained on the GoFundMe account, Amy is in and out of shock due to the tragic accident and is also being treated in driveway accident hospital.

mum central
Amy and her son. Source: Facebook

We cannot imagine how awful this would have been to witness and we send the family all the prayers in the world for Fynn’s full recovery. 

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