Watch: What Bullying Does to Our Kids


“Take a look at this video and tell me this is how an 11-year-old girl should feel coming home from school.” 

This is the plea a desperate father has made on Facebook after his daughter, Sienna had a panic attack over a Snapchat bullying incident.

The video, which is quite confronting to watch, focuses on Lee’s 11-year-old daughter and his wife, Natalie Davies, as she tries to calm the distraught kid down.

Sienna can barely breathe, let alone speak about what has happened. Any attempt to try and get the words out results in more tears and anxiety.

The issue? Bullying. At school. In person. Online. The whole lot. This particular reaction comes after Sienna received a mean message from a group of girls via Snapchat.

Girl Has Panic Attack After Being Cyber Bullied

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The effects of bullying, behind closed doors

It’s awful to watch. And it would be even worse to witness. Sienna could be any of our kids. And Natalie could be any one of us, overwhelmed with worry and sadness watching our children suffer.

Like many concerned parents, Lee had enough. Despite speaking to the school on numerous occasions, nothing was being done. So he posted the video (with permission from Sienna) in hopes it would get the school’s attention.

With the video, he shared this message:

I hate to put things on Facebook that would show the pain that my children are going through, but for 6 weeks now since starting school my daughter has been emotionally bullied on a daily basis!

I have contacted Cyfarthfa High School numerous times now… yet they keep telling me they need to speak to other teachers and have had no sign of showing any concerns – like it’s us parents being overly protective!

Take a look at this video and tell me this is how a 11-year-old girl should feel coming home from school. Bullying is not acceptable by any means and needs to stop!” 

Father’s Facebook post gets results

Lee’s emotional plea worked. Just recently Lee updated his post, thanking everyone for the support and explaining that the family met with the school and “are working towards a solution to ensure this never happens again”.

Lee also shares some invaluable words of wisdom to other parents who may be experiencing the same thing:

Please ensure you always stress to your child that it’s not a sign of weakness to show emotion and that talking to you is the most important thing!”

This needs to stop

Sienna isn’t the first child to be bullied. Every day countless children come home from school in tears. Some hide it from their parents. Others seek help. Some can fight past it and walk away from the bullying. Others cannot and see no other option but to end their lives.

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Lee had a difficult decision to make when he decided to post that video. But we are so grateful he did. Because everyone needs to know the effects of bullying and understand that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Talk to your kids. Teach them that it’s not okay to bully or be bullied. And, like Lee, don’t be afraid to step up and speak out if your child does need help.

Where to get help

Bullying in schools is a major concern across Australia. If you or anyone you know needs help, please contact:

And make sure to know the signs to look for if you suspect your child is being bullied online or at school .

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