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What Do You Do When the Kids Move Out? You Stage a Photo Shoot, Of Course!

Watching your littlest baby fly away from the nest can be an emotional experience.

While some parents feel completely lost without their kids home, others choose to celebrate this momentous occasion. Like the Pipers,

And what better way to share their newfound joy than with an epic empty nest photo shoot?

Can you say #blessed?

‘Empty Nest 2018’

Like many parents with older kids, Vicky missed out on all the pregnancy and baby photo ideas that pop up on Pinterest. That’s right folks – once upon a time there were no balloon popping gender reveals, Etsy-inspired chalkboard baby announcements or baby milestone cards.

There were camcorders, and VCRs and ugly couches that always seemed to be in the background for baby photos.

Vicky didn’t want to miss out on all the new-age fun. So she and husband, Jeff decided to craft their own exciting announcement. The cheeky pair posed lovingly outside, holding a chalkboard and cradling an actual empty nest.

Vicky Piper empty nest announcement

“If you’re in your 40s or 50s, when you had your kids, you missed all these beautiful photo opportunities kids do now,” she told TODAY. “So there was definitely an element of ‘Let’s join those whippersnappers.”

And join them they did! Vicky and Jeff’s empty nest photo shoot nearly broke the internet with thousands of parents congratulating them on this parenting milestone.

The next chapter

Piper says she and Jeff came up with the idea after seeing their youngest child off to college this month. While many parents have a hard time with this drastic change, Piper and Jeff felt completely different and were more than happy to celebrate the opportunity to take back their home and their pantry!

empty nest photo shoot

“We just had a different perspective about the whole thing: both kids are doing great, and they’re in college, and that’s awesome! So the bottom line is that we had a different view of that ‘empty nest.’”

A massive congrats to Vicky and Jeff on their exciting journey ahead. And their quiet house!

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