Mum Stages Kmart Maternity Photo Shoot and We Think It’s Gold

Two sisters. One baby bump. And one very hilarious maternity photo shoot.

Meet Kirby Northey and Kayarna Tregidgo. Sisters on a mission – to capture the beauty of pregnancy and the bargains at Kmart in one stunningly funny photo session.

Mission accomplished.

This, ladies and lovers of Kmart, is pretty much the best maternity photo shoot we’ve come across.

kmart maternity photo shoot

Kirby Northey Kmart maternity photo shoot

‘When your sister asks if you can do her maternity photos in Kmart you say f$&@ yes!!!’

Like many mums, heavily pregnant NSW north coast mum Kirby Northey loves Kmart. Not only is the range fantastic, but the lighting is ace. So what better place to set up a photo shoot showcasing her growing baby bump?

Armed with nothing but a camera and a sense of humour, Kirby and her photographer sister, Kayarna Tregidgo headed to their local Kmart to have a look around and take some candid maternity shots.

“We wanted to do something different and we are both addicted to Kmart,” Kayarna tells Mum Central. “We were laughing the whole time and had blast just having fun together.”

kmart maternity photo shoot

Kirby Northey Kmart maternity photo

kmart maternity photo shoot kmart maternity photo shoot

Shop til the baby drops

Kirby hits up all the most important sections in Kmart to showcase some of her finds. She browses through the toy aisle, the granny knickers aisle, the feeding section and even takes a load off in the camping area.

She cuddles dolls, she reads books, she kisses ducks, she satisfies those pregnancy cravings in the lolly aisle. All in the name of a good pic. She even manages to find a mattress to stage a boudoir-inspired pic.

Kayarna Tregidgo Kmart maternity photo shootkmart maternity photo shoot

kmart maternity photo shoot
Kirby Northey Kmart photo shoot
kmart maternity photo shoot
kmart maternity shoot

We’re not sure about you, but we reckon Kirby and Kayarna have absolutely nailed this Kmart maternity photo shoot! And hopefully they picked up a few cool finds along the way!

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All images used with permission from Kayarna Tregidgo

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