This Kmart Tent Turned Sandpit Hack Is Next Level Awesome

Another day, another hack. And another reason to hit up Kmart this week. 

If you have kids who love sand, then this amazing summer trick is one you really don’t want to miss!

What do you get when you combine a truck load of fresh sand with an $8 pop-up tent from Kmart? Pure genius, that’s what. Oh, and an outdoor sandpit that keeps the kiddies sun safe and entertained.

Pop-up sandpit tent

Just ask Krystal Findlay, a South Australian mum of twin toddlers, who shared her tent trick on Facebook page Kmart Mums Australia. Twins Ava-Rose and Ethan are clearly enjoying their new play area.

Kmart Tent turned sandpit hack

As you can imagine, the post went viral within days with thousands of parents eager to give the tent trick a try.

Okay, so let’s count down why this hack is pretty much the greatest thing ever. First of all, it’s shaded and sunsafe, which is especially perfect as we enter the scorching hot summer.

Second of all, it zips up, which means you can control the level of sand scattered around your backyard. It also means the sand stays cleaner and protected from wind, rain and cats who prefer to pee – or worse, poo – in people’s sandpits rather than in their own litter boxes.

Make your own!

You need:

  • Tent: Every Kmart is slightly different and we couldn’t locate the $8 pop-up tent that Krystal used. But we did find a similar Kmart tent for $12.
  • Sand: Krystal headed to Bunnings to pick up five bags of sand ($7.20) each, but we suggest looking at your local garden supply store.. They often sell beach-worthy soft sand by the metre for a lot cheaper.
  • Shade: You can put one of these pop up tents pretty much anywhere as long as the surface is relatively flat. But we suggest placing the tent in a shaded area, as it will heat up if in the sun for too long.

Now that you’ve got the kids’ backyard sandpit sorted, check out these additional Kmart hacks, including these ingenious hacks for storing all your kids’ junk as well as these travel hacks that will change the way you travel with kids.

Is there anything Kmart can’t do? #kmartforprimeminister

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    Love love love the Kmart Hacks but can we stop giving attention to this particular Kmart mums page. The admins on that page appear to be power crazed and have blocked so many people (myself included) for nothing. I was blocked because I had also joined another Kmart mums page (love to watch all the creative hacks that people do) and when I contacted the Admin of the page through messenger i never got a response.

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