Mum Demands Ex-Husband Pays Half her Liposuction Bill ‘Cause Kids Ruined her Body


Kids. They fill our hearts with joy, tear our vaginas in two, and ruin every body part in between.

But is it fair to expect your partner, or ex-partner, rather, to foot the liposuction bill for a mummy makeover after housing and birthing your (joint) babies?

First labour, then lipo

This American mum thinks it’s 100% fair and is not afraid to ask for what she believes she deserves. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, isn’t quite so convinced.

So, he did what most confused men do. He headed to the interwebs to find out what the world thinks.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the American man explained that his former wife believes it’s “half his fault” that her body isn’t what it used to be. He’s half the parent, after all.

He writes,

We were married for about six years and have three kids.  She had a nice body before having kids and quickly got back into shape post-pregnancy until our last son. People did not believe she had two kids. A lot of it was genetics, her diet and being very athletic.

The pregnancy with our last son was a nightmare.

Long story short, she went from 49kg to 65kg. Her body took a lot of damage. She’s 39 and can’t get back into the same shape that she was 10 years ago.”

GIRL. Feeling ya!

10 years. 3 kids. Time for lipo?

So, mumma did what many mums do after birthing their kids. They call in the big guns. AKA the surgeons.

Mum discovered the cost for lipo and has now asked her ex to foot half the bill (10k) since “it’s ‘half’ my fault that her body was ruined from our kids and I owe that much to her.” 

She also threw in facial treatments that would smooth out her skin because her skin was ruined by the ‘pregnancy hormones’.”

Yep. She went there. And I know I shouldn’t, but I am applauding her.

But what did Reddit think? 

Reddit users were torn. Many could understand where the woman was coming from, like this user:

“I don’t have children and don’t plan on having them in the future. But I see how hard it is for friends and family to cope, watching their body change and never able to get that pre-baby body back, while their husbands stay the same, or get better as they reach their prime.

I imagine that is pretty damn tough.”

Of course, many others thought the ex-husband shouldn’t have to pay anything towards her liposuction bill.

“Wow, that’s a stretch – pregnancy changes one’s body. But that cost does not fall to you!”

What do you think? Would you be game to ask your ex to front the bill for post-baby surgery? #AskingforaFriend. 

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