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$1,500 Up for Grabs to Spend on Amazing Experiences with Experience Oz, the Travel Booking Experts


School holidays are just around the corner (again!) and we’re ready to make this one count. It’s been a pretty intense year already and we think we’re all overdue for a little bit of family fun. Who’s with me??

Ditch the pressure of planning the perfect experience and sort out your holiday fun in just a few minutes. Thanks to our fave travel experience platform Experience Oz, you can plan your perfect day out – and enjoy it too – for the best rate (guaranteed) and without wasting precious time.

Family adventures, here we come! 

Experience Oz - Travel and Adventure Specialists
Prepare for nothing but good days regardless of what’s on the agenda. Source: Supplied

Take in a theme park, head to a wildlife sanctuary, uncover one of nature’s hidden gems, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, fly high on a helicopter tour, indulge in a dinner show or experience any of the other 3,000 things to do in 50 regions across Australia and New Zealand.

With Experience Oz, you have countless adventures at your fingertips, ready for you to book in less time than it takes to make the kids a snack! #winning 

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Give yourself the gift of a great holiday! We have $1,500 worth of Gift Vouchers from Experience Oz up for grabs – $1,000 for our winner, with 2nd and 3rd prizes of $300 & $200 respectively to spend on any experience you’d like on the Experience Oz website across Australia and New Zealand!

So don’t think twice about this one, get your name on the list by completing the entry form at the bottom of this page. But first, let’s take a look at why Experience Oz and family fun go hand in hand.

Experience Oz - Things to do in Australia and New Zealand
Family fun always starts at Experience Oz. Source: Supplied

Experience Oz. All good days. 

One of the trickiest things about family fun is finding the time to actually enjoy it. We’re so busy all the time that it’s hard to switch off, be present in the moment and actually allow ourselves to relax.

No matter where we live or where we’re planning to go, we all love those days when we can get out and about, ignore our regular duties (sorry laundry, I can’t see you there), and simply have fun with our kids.

That’s one of the reasons why we choose to invest in family holidays in the first place  – to get away from the day-to-day errands, the routine and the laundry. Sure, laundry follows us everywhere but on holidays, it doesn’t count.

Experience Oz - things to do with kids
Family time is so precious. Source: Supplied

And that’s also why when do invest in a family holiday, a weekend away or even a day adventure, we want to make sure it’s perfect.

This perfection always starts with Experience Oz. Trusted by 3 million travellers and counting, Experience Oz’s mission is to make Aussie family holidays easier – and better value. They are the experts in things to do with kids and family experiences.

In fact, since 2005, they’ve delivered more than 3,000,000 good days to families all over Australia. They make it easy for you to book activities, adventures, and tours across Australia before your coffee even has a chance to get cold.

Oh, the adventures you’ll have!

The first thing you’ll love about Experience Oz is that it’s basically your one-stop shop for all things to do in Australia and New Zealand – family fun galore! We’re talking theme parks, zoos, cruises, water sports and so many more experiences and adventures.

The website is incredibly easy to navigate and you can find experiences in your area, based on what you want to do.

Search by experience, such as ‘Whale Watching’ or search by location, such as ‘Gold Coast’ and you’ll be greeted with several great things to do with kids, including details on the tour, pricing and reviews.

Experience Oz adventure tours - Great Barrier Reef tours
Book your trip to the Reef in one click. Source: Supplied

There are experiences for all ages and stages and you can even narrow your search for specific situations, such as Rainy Days, Water Sports and Cultural Activities.

Be sure to also check the Hot Deals section where you’ll find all the hottest deals and discounted tours!

But how do you choose what to do? This is a tricky one, especially if you have kids who all have different interests.

mum centralTOP TIP:  When we go on holiday, I let my three kids choose ONE activity each. My youngest almost ALWAYS chooses something to do with animals. My middle child almost ALWAYS chooses something thrill-seeking and my eldest almost ALWAYS chooses something involving eating copious amounts of food.

With Experience Oz, you can book ALL the things at the same time, in one place. Easy peasy.

If you only have the budget for one activity, ask everyone in the family to put their ideas in a hat and then pick out one or two that fit with your budget or time constraints.

Experience Oz -things to do with kids
From thrills to animals, there are activities for everyone. Source: Supplied

No hassle, no risk, no worries

Here’s another great thing about Experience Oz. You can book straight from their website with no booking fees or hidden costs.  Booking literally takes two minutes flat – we’ve timed it.  And then all you have to do is pack your bags – and plenty of snacks – and off you go!

Expect, OF COURSE, your little one starts vomiting the day before you’re meant to go on your tour.  EEK! No worries. Experience Oz offers flexible bookings with every tour or experience coming with a cancellation guarantee in the event of illness, cancelled flights or extreme weather. Just make sure you read the conditions before you purchase.

Price match and flexible bookings with Experience Oz
Splash away your travel worries with flexible bookings. Source: Supplied

Supporting local Australian and New Zealand businesses and families 

Experience Oz also has an excellent customer service team too that is available 363 days a year from 9am to 6pm AEST via phone. You can also check out their FAQs online anytime. If you do need to cancel, rebook or simply want to have a chat about any of the experiences, you’ll be connected straight away.

Plus, they work directly with hundreds of local businesses across Australia and New Zealand, making it not only easier for us to connect to these tours but also making it easier for local tourism businesses to gain customers. Now that’s a real win!

Experience Oz - things to do families
Trusted by thousands of families, Experience Oz can answer all your adventure enquiries. Source: Supplied

Price match guarantee 

Now, moving onto the all-important topic of pricing, because Experience Oz really does deliver exceptional value. In fact, all of their tours and activities come with a price match guarantee plus plenty of discounts and deals across all regions.

There are ZERO booking fees and flexible payment options including AfterPay and ZipPay. We know family fun can get pretty pricey so it’s nice knowing you are getting the best value on whatever activities you and the kids decide on without having to waste your time shopping around.

Less planning, more adventure with Experience Oz

If you’re after the easiest and quickest way to secure family fun, then remember Experience Oz. It’s great for planning tours and experiences when on holiday but it’s also ideal for looking into things to do with kids in your local area too.

Experience Oz also comes with over 16,000 reviews and an impressive Feefo rating too!  So pack your bags, turn up the excitement and make those (holi)days count. Family fun is just a click away.

mum central

mum central

Experience the best of Oz, with over 3,000 experiences across Australia & NZ.
Win the Ultimate School Holiday Experience for your Family. 

We’ve got THREE vouchers up for grabs: 1st prize wins a $1,000 voucher, 2nd prize wins a $300 voucher and 3rd prize wins a $200 voucher.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full and you’re in the running! GOOD LUCK!

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