10 Easy Snacks to Fill Up Hungry Kids

School holidays can be one long food-fest for kids, can’t they? Cries of ‘I’m hungry’,there’s nothing to eat’ and ‘when is dinner?’ echo around homes for two whole weeks.

Here are 10 easy snacks to keep hunger at bay these school holidays! They might also stop you from having a kitchen meltdown (not a good look when the kids’ friends are over!)

Snacking and kids go hand in hand, but keeping up with the demand can be a hard slog. That’s why we’ve put together these 10 easy snack ideas; to keep little bodies fuelled up and ready for action, all day long.

Apron strings tied and at the ready? Let’s get our snack bake (and no-bake) on!

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10 Easy snacks to fill up hungry kids

1. DIY muesli bars

Make your own muesli bars and you’ll soon save a small fortune. This muesli bar slice takes next to no time to whip up and you can cut it into muesli bar fingers or bite-sized squares. Yum!

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2. Bear paw biscuits

A sweet treat and cute to boot (or paw), this easy to decorate recipe for bear paw biscuits is the cutest afternoon tea snack in the neighbourhood.

Bear paw biscuit recipe

3. Mini quiches

No kid can resist puff pastry! This mini quiche recipe is great for an easy snack or the kids’ lunches. It freezes really well too, so if you feel like you have the time for making a double batch go right on ahead.

Mini quiche recipe

4. No-bake Thermomix Weetbix slice

Flying the flag for no-bake recipes and using pantry staples, this delicious chocolate Weetbix slice recipe comes together in practically no time when using the Thermomix.

Weet-Bix thermomix chocolate slice recipe

5. Not-so-boring fruit

Sometimes it can be hard to get fruit into kids. Flex some cute fruit muscle with this grape caterpillar. They’ll all be fighting over who gets to munch the head.

Cute fruit caterpillar skewers

6. Zucchini slice

Zucchini slice is a sure-fire winner in my books. For one, you can smuggle in quite a few veggies and kids are none the wiser. PLUS this zucchini slice recipe makes a good-sized slab, so it’ll last a good few days in the fridge for easy snacks.

Zucchini slice recipe

7. Quiche noodle cups

Bursting with flavour, this quiche noodle cup recipe is also a great way to use up those veggie odds and ends in the fridge AND the kids love crunchy noodles and cheese quiche tops!

Maggi noodle quiche cups

8. Sweet potato waffles

Make up a batch of sweet potato waffles and keep them in a zip-lock bag in the fridge. They can quickly be refreshed to warm goodness in the toaster for a delicious, easy snack!

sweet potato waffles snack recipe

9. Vegemite and cheese twists

Delicious, savoury and practically fuss-free. Make up a double batch of these golden puff pastry Vegemite and cheese twists and have a reserve in the freezer, so you’ll always have something on hand!

Vegemite and cheese twist recipe

10. Easy snack Milo balls

These four-ingredient Milo balls are a hit time and time again. An easy snack to make AND eat, even the kids could lend a (clean) hand in rolling these out!

Milo balls recipe

Need more ideas to keep starvation at bay? Check out our comprehensive list of 51 snack foods for kids. And when a snack won’t do and it’s time to think about lunch – here are 53 sandwich ideas to ponder!

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