In case you haven’t noticed, feature walls are making a comeback, slowly but surely. With less white walls filling our social media feeds, there’s plenty more colour and texture creeping into our lives (and our homes).

Back in the day, a feature wall would typically be a solid colour or a particular paint wash but now there are all different kinds of ways to amp up your walls – and more importantly something to suit all budgets.

6 Ways to Create a Feature Wall

1. Paint, obvs

One of the quickest ways to turn any wall into a feature wall is with paint! Throw caution to the wind and go for a dark moody tone – a rich navy blue or deep teal green. Alternatively, play it safe with a smoky grey to keep your room neutral, light and bright.

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2. Wallpaper

I solemnly believe there will always be a place for wallpaper when talking feature walls. Big glorious floral prints will forever be a favourite…

feature walls
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3. Wainscotting

Oh, sweet Hamptons, this trend has a lot to answer for. Wainscotting is where moulding is added to the lower part of a wall and painted. It adds an instantly luxurious touch to any wall, and you might be surprised just how easy this is to do yourself too. All we need is a bit of careful prep and planning).

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4. Easy Craft panelling

Easy Craft Panels have sky-rocketed in popularity the past 12 months and it’s easy to see why. They look AMAZING, they’re relatively inexpensive and the process of transforming a wall using these panels isn’t too painful, even for beginner DIYers.

feature walls
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5. Non-permanent feature walls

If you’re renting, don’t think you can’t put your own stamp on your walls because you CAN! You too can have a feature wall, you just need to be a little more careful about it. Vinyl wallpapers are a brilliant solution for renters or those looking for something not so permanent.

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6. Get fancy with paint

Want to take your paint a step further? Check out this geometric design paint art. It turns an average wall into a wow wall, that’s for sure!

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So there you have it, inspo for your feature walls sorted! What other DIY projects are you tackling in the New Year?  We’d love to hear!

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