Stunning (and Easy!) Pavlova Ideas You Need For Australia Day!

Australia Day is looming and we all know that means we absolutely WILL be eating pavlova. But what’s your pavlova style? Here’s some serious food for thought with these epic pavlova ideas!

Pavlova is most certainly the unsung hero of the dessert world. A simple whip of aerated meringue, cream and fruit, it’s a plate of absolute joy every single time.

We Aussies love to claim this dessert as our own, so why not prepare it for our nearest and dearest on Australia Day? The biggest decision is HOW will you serve your pavlova? Let us count the ways…

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1. Something for everyone board

Last year we debuted the Australia Day pavlova board featuring all of our Aussie favourites and it was fair dinkum’ an absolute cracker.

pavlova board
Photo: supplied

2. The slow cooker pavlova

If it’s blisteringly hot where you are and the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven well RELAX. We know for a fact that you can make pavlova in a slow cooker. YES, YOU CAN.

Slow cooker pavlova recipe FI
Photo: supplied

3. Five no-bake pavlova options

If you want to avoid cooking altogether and dedicate all your time to backyard cricket, well, we have a number of pavlova options for you too. Check out these five amazing ways to dress up a Woolworths pavlova base. There’s even a sprinkle covered (aka fairy bread) version to behold. YUM.

mum central
Source: Supplied

4. Cheats meringue wreath – but make it Australian themed

Christmas might well be over, but the easy no-bake meringue wreath can still be celebrated! Cover it in blueberries and strawberries or mango and kiwi fruit for true-blue Aussie spirit!

Christmas wreath dessert
A stunning showcase of fresh summer fruit! Photo: supplied

5. Classic pavlova

For a classic, timeless pavlova, we can’t go past this pavlova recipe. Make it the day before so you have the whole day free to decorate and eat. Aussie, Aussie, Ausssie!

mum central
The OG pavlova. Divine. Photo: supplied

So, which of these pavlova ideas tickles your tastebuds? Just remember the golden rule with pavlova – you will need more than you think you will. EVERYONE always goes back for a second helping!

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