10 Kids’ Playrooms You’ll Want to Show Off!

Want to give your kids’ playroom a magical makeover? Or perhaps you want an epic storage solution? Here are 10 Instagram and Pinterest worthy playrooms and spaces to inspire you and get your decorating muscle flexing!

Before the onslaught of Christmas, let’s get our toy spaces in order. Past experience tells me mid-year is the best time for this kind of job. It gives you ample opportunity to cull and clear unused toys, assess what toys are wanted/needed and order all the toys from the big man in red in time for Christmas. #getorganised

So without further ado, no more shutting the door on a sh*tshow of toy mess, here’s some serious playroom inspiration to consider!

1. What life looks like when every single toy has a home

When we let our minds drift off to imagine a playroom where EVERYTHING has a home and a spot, imagine this playroom complete with grass-look rugs to play on. Because surely if everything has a place, it’s easier to pack up at the end of the day. WHAT A DREAM, am i right? #totallydreaming #aintgonnahappen

playroom inspiration
Is this even real life? Source: Instagram/@playfulfamilies

2. The tonal colour palette playroom which reeks of serenity and calm play

Ahhhhhh sweet boho-esque decor bliss. AS IF children could ever snatch, grab, fight or pull hair in a room this serene? ‘Course not.

playroom inspiration
Boho and bunting. What more could you want? Source: Instagram/@the.dearest.days

3. The cutest soft toy jail corner you ever did see

Because we all know, no matter how hard you try to cull them, kids are ALWAYS going to hang on to one, two or 20 annoying stuffed toys. And BOY do they take up some space. So stick ’em to the wall with the help of IKEA Konplement hangers. You’re welcome. #toyhack

playroom inspiration
Soft toy space saver – and a weirdly wonderful art feature. Source: Instagram/@thefestiveco

4. You can have your teepee, plants, cars, trucks and zoo too

Who says you can’t have everything in the playroom and still remain stylish? Not us! This playroom corner has a little bit of everything going on and it couldn’t be more inviting for a pint-sized tribe!

playroom inspiration
I’m just going to sit in my teepee and build a motorway ok? Source: Instagram/

5. Add a punch of playroom wow factor with a bold wallpaper

If it’s a sucker punch of wow you want to deliver, it’s WOW! you get with this beautiful, jewel-toned, fun yet not too-childish wallpaper. It’s utterly divine and PERFECT for a bedroom or playroom. Let the stunning walls distract you from the mess that might be lurking?!

playroom inspiration
Wallpaper? You sure can, toucan. Source: Instagram/@pirum_parum

6. Stars, stripes and swings, oh my!

Swoon! Just the right amount of monochrome statement pieces mixed with a pop of colour from toys. Perfection! Plus, what’s not to love about sitting on a swing while watching kids play?

playroom inspiration
Toys CHECK. Style CHECK. Source: Instagram/@_jackieblack_

7. For the parents who believe in toy rotation – STORAGE

If you’re not lucky enough to have an actual dedicated playroom space (that would be me) you will be familiar with toy rotation and storage. Pull it out, play with it and pack it away. This system works wonders – you just need to find somewhere to store the tubs.

playroom inspiration
Toy rotation is a LIFE SAVER. Source: Instagram/@life.with.less.mess

8. Completely over the top, but what a pad!

OK, I’m not 100% sure who’s signing up for a slippery dip and a ceiling to floor rope climb in their playroom, but I am COMPLETELY convinced their kids would be thrilled. Plus, this mural on the walls is EVERYTHING.

playroom inspiration
Part play gym, part bedroom, part playroom. Source: Instagram/@leyla_interiors

9. Shelve it in style

Don’t waste another gorgeous children’s book cover by tucking them away in a bookcase. Display their glorious artwork on an open shelf like this. It *might* also prevent kids from pulling ALL the books out when searching for their favourite. Note I said MIGHT.

mum central
Shut up and take my money. SHELFIE PERFECT. Source: Instagram/@sydneygerten

10. Rainbow bright – a joy for the senses!

A rainbow filled playroom is a SURE FIRE WAY to have your kid know and identify colours very early on. Winning with #ROYGBIV! Does anyone still use ROYGBIV?

mum central
Rainbow colours AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE. Source: Instagram/@chaosandcloth

And for a reality check:

And while the pretty pictures fill us with hope and longing for a serene space and playroom inspiration, we know for many of us, playrooms look more like this. But hey, your kid’s having fun so, whatevs. #keepingitreal

mum central
This is many of us. There’s comfort in numbers, right? Source: Instagram/@theweirdosatnumber8

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