15 Ways Your First Pregnancy is Different From Your Second Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, filled with plenty of trackable milestones, cherished memories and social media sharing moments. 

Well, the first one is. The second pregnancy (and every one after that), not so much.

Yes, there are milestones, memories and moments to remember. But there is also a teeny tiny human (or more than one) asking for snacks, weeing on the carpet and watching you vomit in the toilet. #secondpregnancygoals

It’s quite insane just how much changes from the first pregnancy to the second (and beyond). Join us as we delve into the weird ways the first pregnancy differs from the rest.

1. You sort of gave a shit about antenatal classes.

By the second pregnancy you probably realised that the baby doesn’t care how you breathe.

2. Your birth plan was actually a plan.

Possibly even printed on paper. And laminated.

first pregnancy vs second pregnancy
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Plan the second time around? Have baby. Don’t kill husband. Try to escape the hospital as quickly as possible so you can still tuck your first born child in to bed.

3. You bought ALL the cute baby outfits.

And washed them (three times with sensitive laundry liquid), hung them up on matching hangers and took 15 different photos of them in the nursery closet.

The second time around? You probably started the hunt for the box of old baby clothes around the 38 week mark. And convinced yourself there’s no need to wash them. If the stains didn’t come out with the first baby, there’s no chance they will this time around.

4. You actually tried to prevent stretch marks.

Coconut oil. Bio Oil. Every moisturiser at the chemist… yep. You tried ’em all.

Second pregnancy? The damage is done. And the money saved on stretch mark creams is spent on jars of Nutella. I mean, nappies.

5. Your nursery looked like something out of an Ikea catalogue.

Complete with all the must-have accessories and painted to suit the colour scheme of that particular season. Hell, you even bought wall stickers. And block-out curtains!

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By the second/third/fourth pregnancy, space is a little tight and you’ve probably resigned yourself to the fact that baby isn’t going to sleep unless you’re two feet away. And thus, the nursery becomes a cot beside your bed. Possibly with new sheets.

6. You Googled every method under the sun to alleviate morning sickness.

Green tea. Salted crackers. Sea sickness bands. Probably even homemade ginger cookies.

Second pregnancy. You moved a box of toys into the bathroom so your toddler could play beside you while you ‘rested’ on the toilet seat.

7. You indulged in at least one pregnancy massage.

Possibly even a weekly pregnancy yoga class.

Mission of second pregnancy: Convince child to rub your feet in exchange for LEGO.

8. You took week by week photos.

To share on social media and place in the baby book. Yes, you actually had a baby book. And you filled it in.

By the second pregnancy you might have the obligatory bub and bump shot of your toddler kissing your belly.

By the third? Antenatal appointments scribbled on a napkin and a blurry photo of you asleep on the couch that your child took (after he took 8 gazillion close up photos of his nose).

9. You refused to drink anything caffeinated.


pregnant woman with coffee cup

 10. You arrived to every doctor’s appointment early.

Second pregnancy: Well, you make it there. Most of the time. Usually with a child clinging to your leg. And possibly a vomit bag attached to your neck.

11. You had goals of being the greatest mum ever.

Which included a list of things your child would NEVER do. Like watch TV.

Second pregnancy: Cars may or may not have been on repeat for 12 weeks straight. And you may or may not have been asleep on the couch for most of the viewings. #Pixarmakesthebestbabysitter

12. You packed your labour bag weeks in advance.

Not as a way to pass the time during those early stages of labour, like the second time around.

13. You subscribed to every pregnancy newsletter out there.

And downloaded eight pages of apps. Oh, and bought a whole heap of baby books. Which are now being used as colouring in books for your toddler.

Second pregnancy: Well, you’re reading this… so that counts as something.

14. You indulged in an elaborate baby shower complete with themed decorations, a nappy cake and a baby registry.

Second time around? Your friend came over and took your toddler to the park so you could fall asleep on the couch in the middle of sorting laundry. Oh, and she brought a casserole.

15. You could accurately tell anyone how many weeks you were, down to the day and possibly even hour.

Second pregnancy? Well, I’m pregnant. And not in labour yet. So somewhere between five and 39 weeks… 

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So there you have it – the first pregnancy vs the rest. Sure, things are a bit different the second time around. But, no matter how many pregnancies you sleep through or how many babies you push out, the pride, the anticipation and the joy of adding another to the mix never seems to change.

Now…excuse me while I go apologise to my second born child.

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