Feel like you’ve been toddler taming all day and have nothing to show for it (except a messy house and leftover sandwich crusts)?

Think again! 

Beyond the toy tornado, the 55 requests for a snack and the mid-afternoon meltdown, there are plenty of life lessons our toddlers are teaching us.

And all we need to do to get that dose of toddler wisdom is step back and let our toddlers lead the way.  Really, you have to try it. One look at the world through toddler eyes and it opens our mum minds to a whole new world of wisdom.

Here’s 15 amazing and pretty darn useful life skills our toddlers secretly teach us every day. And they’re brought to you by our toddler-savvy friends over at BabyLove.

15 things toddlers teach you babylove nappy pants toddler

The 15 toddler life skills EVERYONE needs

1. PERSISTENCE – Never give up

Especially when you REALLY REALLY want a biscuit and are prepared to tantrum in the middle of the grocery store for 15 minutes to ensure you get it.

2. COMPASSION – See the good in everyone

Even to the stuffed teddy with a missing eye and a chewed ear that MUST sleep beside him every night.

3. PASSION – Express your emotions

It’s perfectly acceptable to showcase how you are feeling to the world, especially through screaming. Oh, and crying. Possibly through biting, hitting, throwing toys and banging your head against the wall too.

4. ENDURANCE – Power on, even when you’re running on empty

Chasing a nude toddler around the park can teach you how to keep going, even when you want to quit, cry or hide in the pantry eating chocolate.

5. CREATIVITY – Think outside the box

Toddlers are awesome at letting their imaginations run wild and coming up with innovative solutions that we probably wouldn’t think of. Especially when coming up with reasons NOT to take a nap.

6. AGILITY – Act fast, act smart, act nimble

Life lesson #6 – to get what you want, you need to be sneaky. How else do toddlers successfully sneak out of their beds, down the hall, into the bathroom and straight into the nappy cream stash without being detected?

7. INDEPENDENCE – Be yourself, even if it’s not the norm

So what if it’s winter? Swimmers and a cape are perfectly acceptable going-out attire, even if society (and the weather) suggests otherwise.

8. FLEXIBILITY – Go with the flow

When it comes to living with a toddler, anything goes! Especially when it comes to nappy changes. It takes some serious gymnastics skills to wrangle your tot who prefers to stand up/race around the room/play upside down mid-nappy change.

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9. PATIENCE – Slow down and appreciate the little things

It takes time to stop to smell every single flower, touch every bit of sensitive weed and point to every single tree you see.

10. CONFIDENCE – Stand up, speak up

Toddlers know they want an apple. But they sure as heck don’t want it with even a slight sliver of skin on it. And if you happen to serve said apple with a tiny speck of skin? Prepare to hear all about it.

11. FORGIVENESS – Let things go

Forgive, forget, find something fun to focus on instead – a motto to live by.

12. NEGOTIATION – Use your bargaining powers within

Step one. Be a cute toddler. Step two. That’s it. They win.

13. HONESTY – Say what you mean

Which, 99% of the time, is probably “no”. The other 1% is probably “mine”.

14. STRENGTH – Push your body to do the seemingly impossible

Like attempting to wrangle a stiff toddler into a car seat mid-tantrum. It can be done. But it takes some serious mum strength to do so.

15. PERSPECTIVE – Know what really matters

Love matters. Family matters. Exploring the world together matters.

Toddlers have an amazing way of showing us what is worth focusing on. Not the parenting politics, the material objects or the constant self-criticisms that circle through your mind. They don’t give a stuff about your grey hair, your saggy tummy skin or the bags under your eyes. They see you for the late night cuddles you share, the companionship you give and, mostly, the constant comfort you provide.

Toddlers teach us to accept ourselves and embrace our chaotic world. Through their erratic emotions, cheeky grins and constant energy, they give us a new perspective on life.

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